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Good morning everyone. Thank you for stopping by, and on this Memorial Day, thank you to all who have served our country!

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It's Almost Monday Again - How about a Freebie?

How did it get to be almost Monday? Eek! Time goes so fast on the weekends, especially when I am so busy at work and bringing so much home. It is crazy between now and the end of the year , which for me is not until June 23! It is hard to believe some of you are out for the summer.

For those who are not, (or if you're on summer break already, grab and save for next year), here is a free sample from my Swimming into Summer Math Pack.In the freebie, you get one of the pages from my "No Summer Slip and Slide" printables and the answer key. The full pack has 8 of them, one for each week of the summer, plus tons more activities. I think Swimming into Summer Math Pack is great to send home with kiddos at the end of the year. If you want you could use them in the classroom too. I plan to do some of both!

There is a Swimming into Summer Reading and Writing Pack, too. To check that out, click here. Clicking on any of the images below will get you the Swimming into Summer Math Freebie!

Thanks and don't forget to stop by Classroom Freebies and Freebie Friday to see who else linked up freebies this week!

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Five for Friday - Allergy Season!

It is that time! I have not been able to keep up with doing the Five for Friday every week, but I am aiming for 2 a month. 

It is allergy season here in New England. I thought maybe with the crazy cold, snowy winter there would be less pollen, but I guess not! Even my eyes are itchy, and after 12 years of allergy shots, I usually fare pretty well. More than the usual number of kiddos are suffering. Red eyes, itchy skin, throats, sniffing, sneezing, and coughing. Feel so bad for them! Plus no a/c here in my school so I have to have the windows open most of the time.

Next week the pollen should be gone right? Anyway here are my 5!

Cute craft! We have a wonderful volunteer at our school who we call Grandpa Curt. He has been coming to our school for at least 10 years. One of his hobbies is woodworking. He has made cradles for just about every staff member who has had a baby. He also loves to put together little projects to do with our classes. I don't know where I have been but I never had him come into my room - until recently! He brought in supplies to have the kids make "recipe holders" or "picture holders". It was perfect because it was right before Mother's Day!

Here are a few of the items used: clothespins, sharpies, a wood base that is part of a real tree, a rod, a wooden cube and you can't see here but some wooden cut out shapes for the top.

She is working on something else, but look how organized she is. She put everything neatly on the side of her desk!

Here is a nice shot of one of the finished products!

 In process! Love the colors!


 Working hard!

 2 finished products!

Phew! I finished another new and very helpful one (to me and my class, but hopefully to others as well). It is meant as a sister product to my Swimming into Summer LA Pack. It is called: Swimming into Summer Math Pack. I designed it so that it would be easy, little or no-prep to do with your students at the end of the year, OR to send home some or all with your kiddos to keep them fresh over the summer. Have to prevent that "Summer Slip and Slide" as I call it!  Here is a  look at what you will find inside. Click on any of the images to pick it up at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It will be in my Teachers Notebook shop soon, too. I will tell you when it is up there!

If you want specifics, here is a look at the cover and one of the 8 printables I call "No Summer Slip and Slide Practice" - 1 for each week of summer. 

I included some  geometry shape hunts that are designed to do at home in the summer but you could use them as homework now or in class review.

 I love my cut and glues! There is an array match cut and glue where you match up the arrays with the number models, and another one where you match up the array with a matching number story.

These are sample pages from a multiplication ice cream themed match up. It is also in black and white so you can save on the color ink.

There are also double and triple digit addition and subtraction cut and glue and these Summer Shopping Task Cards.

Finally if you're in desperate need of telling time activities, try this puzzle. My class tried it today and it was super fun. They were challenged by the clocks where there were 50 minutes and 55 minutes.

Learning about rockets! One of the student's fathers came in to teach us a bit about rocks. We learned about GPS, satellites, orbits, thrust, gravity, drag, trajectories, and more!

This stomp rocket helped us experiment with different launch angles and different force of jumps to figure out how high and how far the rockets could go and what the trajectories would be.

We asked a lot of interesting questions about black holes and things I had barely any knowledge of. (PS don't mind my messy room-it's the end of the year and some things are getting disorganized and in rough shape!)

Someone asked why we can't see the sun in the night if its a star. What a great teachable moment! Time to get out the globe! delivered ! Here is my new obsession! I saw it on Netflix but I HAD to get it for the special features! Click on the images to see them at Amazon.

Bailey got something too. Trying this out to see if it helps his hip pain.

Season 2 on the left does play in America but Season 3 seems to only be out for British DVD Players. :( Please release it soon in  for America! On the right is the pet warmer pad roller out!


We had School spirit day - theme: Mismatch Day ! And sorry to say, this is what I wore. Miss Mawn was Miss Mismatched !!! Don't look directly at me!

Hope you are well and have a restful weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

We LOVE to Move it Move it with GoNoodle!

Hey everyone! Have you heard of GoNoodle? All I can say is it is absolutely terrific! I think I saw a blog post by another teacher about GoNoodle a few months ago and was curious, so I clicked on over to see what it was all about. It is a website where you can sign up for free as a classroom teacher and you and your class get to do TONS of fabulous brain breaks. There is a wide variety - relaxing, breathing, dancing, stretching, ones where Olympic athletes train you for events like the shotput and discus, links to Zumba and many many more videos! As we know from brain research physical activity is enormously important to helping children process information and it does really make a difference in their learning. Well, all the GoNoodle activity helps your "noodle" get working! GoNoodle....activate !

Before you get into doing GoNoodle with your class they give you a demo class to work on. It is great because you can see quickly and easily how it works and watch all the brain breaks to see which ones would work best for your class.

One of the best things about it is you get to choose a class mascot! There are quite a few choices. For my demo class I chose Freckles and my first class mascot was Tangy Bodangy. Once you do enough brain breaks and accumulate minutes you get to choose a new mascot. Every 20 minutes or so of brain breaks you do gets your class to a new level, and with each new level your mascot goes to the transmogrifier and gets taller, and muscular and all kinds of crazy things happen ! See the 2nd and 3rd images below!

Here is one of the home screens. Each time you go there, your mascot has something silly to say. On the right it tracks how far you have gone in the level, how many minutes of brain breaks your class has done total, and how many minutes to the next level. My students sometimes beg to just to one more activity so we can get to the next level.

 Here are examples of what a couple of mascots look like as you earn minutes and go through levels. Silly fun!

The activities we do most often in my class are Airtime, To the Maximo, the Olympic brain breaks, and  Boogie Down. Airtime is a relaxing breathing activity and as you breathe in and out a bubble floats through the air, and when you land, you arrive at a virtual city in America. There is a fun postcard and you can see fun facts about the city. 

Here is a screenshot of the bubble floating along. When we do it and I take part in the relaxed breathing, I am usually thinking, "Gee, I am all tense ! Good thing this is forcing me to chill out a bit!"

Here they are centering themselves and relaxing with Airtime.

To the Maximo is a really silly one where you do lots of stretches and Maximo makes corny jokes.

Boogie Down is a hysterical set of dances with a very goofy chicken. My students laugh and have so much fun with him.

In the Olympic videos, different athletes teach us how to perform in different events like the discus and shotput. Then you get to do the City Trials, and proceed on to other competitions with your class.

Here is one of the Olympians featured. He sure is easy on the eyes! :-)

Here we are practicing our 200 M Sprint. They really went fast!

And this is what is looks like when your class is doing the 200M City Trials. We are running in place while these little guys run on the screen!
I could not be more delighted with GoNoodle. It was a sad sad day when my Chrome Book cord broke and we had to skip GoNoodle for a few days until I got a new cord and could charge up the Chrome Book.

I know there are at least two ways to project GoNoodle onto a screen in your classroom. If anyone knows any more, let me know. One is to open it on a Chrome Book, and Chromecast it up onto the TV. It is also playable on other laptops and desktops so you could project it with a projector onto a screen or Smart Board. I tried it first on the iPads and getting it on the TV via Apple TV but that did not work. Maybe GoNoodle will add the ability for iPad users to do so!

Let me know if your class loves GoNoodle too. Click on any of the images to go check it out and  have some happy brain breaks!