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Hey everyone!

In my classroom, we just finished our big geometry unit. About a year and half ago I made up a pack to help my class master some of those skills and to make the practice of them more fun then in our Everyday Math book. Educents is having a great deal right now where you can save over 50% on it. It's only $3.14 because the deal started on 3/14/14! (usually it is $7- there is a lot in there!)

Included in the Geometry Pack are:
2-D Shape Concentration
2-D Shape Bingo
My Shape Dictionary
Scavenger Hunt
2-D and 3-D Shapes Game
Parallel and Non Parallel Lines Printable
Parallel Lines Task Cards
Symmetry Printables
3-D Shape Match
Geometry Task Cards

 I created it to help my second graders but it will certainly work for younger and older students, depending on their needs. Click on the image to go to Educents to see more details. If you'd prefer my Teachers Notebook shop, click HERE. If you prefer Teachers Pay Teachers, click HERE.  (remember, it is only on sale at Educents right now, however)

I included a shape dictionary and had my kiddos keep it in their math folder. I was psyched when some of them started taking it out at the beginning of every math class just in case they needed it! Of course a boy also tried to take it out during the quiz -oops! He just was so used to referring to it it was habit!

I like making things fun if I can so I included these parallel lines task cards as an alternative to the worksheet.

I also added some general geometry task cards. This was an additional section that wasn't in my original geometry pack but I decided to include it when I updated it a few months ago.

There are also some printables for parallel lines.

This 2-D shape concentration game is fun for small groups.

My class likes folding paper to see symmetry much more than just drawing lines on pictures so I included this activity.

I could show you more but you probably don't really want to scroll on much more. I can hear it now: "Bex, wrap it up would you?" :)

And thanks to Jen and Educents for snapping up this pack for this great deal!

Here are a few more fun resources you might enjoy on geometry. Click on the link to get more information about them.

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