Five for Friday - Will Winter EVER END?!

It's time, and please someone tell me it will be spring weather SOON! Here is my 5 for Friday!

New England Aquarium - went on a field trip to the New England Aquarium for the first time! The kids had tons of fun (I was a little stressed-I'm not going to lie!). Their favorites were probably the shark and sting ray touch tank, the penguins, and the seals. 

Yep, you can actually put your hand in and touch the sting rays and sharks! The sharks were hiding on us but we saw many sting rays!

Doesn't (except for the lights) it look like you are somewhere tropical?

You have to put your hand flat and keep it still in the water. Then they will come by and their back will graze your hand. You also have to be kind of quiet. The students were super!

A tidepool habitat. Not much going on in here to be honest, but they still wanted to look for quite a while.


Seals ! Look at my guys, taking notes on their seal behavior checklist!

These two were super playful, wrestling over this toy.

That guy was alive but did not move the whole time. I said he was the St. Bernard of the seal group- always lying around with no energy!


Penguin! I wish I got better pics but my camera looks lame when you zoom in.

Science: The Human Eye 
A mom came in and we combined classes with another second grade and learned all about how the eye works. It was pretty fascinating!
They were pretty into it.

They were covering one eye and their partner was dropping a ball in a bucket so they could see how it looked different when they switched eyes and then used both eyes to see it.

They also tried these crazy goggles that distorted vision and then had to try and toss the ball into the bucket. They had practiced before without the goggles. The first time she did it with the goggles, she accidentally threw it right on the kids face next to the guy holding the bucket. No one was hurt and we had a chuckle!


I can't resist this pic of my brother's cat at the vet. He is usually very difficult when he was there but apparently he was very well behaved this time around!

And of course my big boy. A couple weeks ago here - it looks like he purposely snuggled the sheet all up to get comfy.

And last week- does he look like he gained a few pounds? He is on a new prescription diet ($99.80 for a 25lb bag) but it is agreeing really well with his system, he enjoys eating and isn't sick!

The Walking Dead - Season 4 finale is Sunday ! I will be having some SERIOUS Walking Dead withdrawal. I may have to subscribe to the magazine or something to tide me over until at least season 4 comes out on DVD (probably this summer). Do you watch? Any predictions?



 Thinking of a student right now and her family who are going through some tough times. They are wonderful people and so strong and I so admire their attitude and perseverance. As a teacher you just never want any child to have to deal with anything like what they are so my thoughts and prayers go out to them.


  1. Sorry to hear your student is going through a tough time. I will say a prayer for him/her. It looks like your students had some fantastic science experiences this week. Love the eye experiments.

    Also, your St. Bernard is so cute!

    Compassionate Teacher

    1. Thanks Becky - great name! I am heading over to check out your blog!

  2. It looks like they had an amazing field trip! What a fun week!

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