Five for Friday -Tax Season

Hi everyone !It is time to link up again for Five for Friday!


I have been working on my taxes and this year, for the first time, I got the help of an accountant. So right now, partly because I didn't have the tuition deduction this year, :( I owe $ so she sent me back to look over my records to see what else I could deduct. So I have 2 reminders for you! Don't forget to deduct the cost of tax preparation services or software from last year. The IRSwebsite says: "You can usually deduct tax preparation fees in the year you pay them. Thus, on your 2013 return you can deduct fees paid 2013 for preparing your 2012 return. These fees include the cost of tax preparation software programs and tax publications". Also, don't forgot the $250 educator deduction for classroom supplies (which we know is not anywhere close to what we spend, but it's better than nothing!)

 Dr. Seuss
So I didn't really get my Dr. Seuss freebie done early enough and I think I only shared it on the Sunday before his birthday. Feel free to grab it and snag it for next year. It's a little work with syllabication. Click on the image below to download it from TPT.

 Concert Fun

So, I have been a fan of Robin Thicke since 2008 and saw him at the House of Blues in 2009.  Forget the haters, he has a great voice, and is a talented piano player and quite an entertainer. My mom (who is the best mom ever) and I went to the Agganis Arena at BU to see his show this week. It was super fun and worth it, even though I didn't get home until midnight, on a school night! Here's one pic - not that great - it was way better in person, but we had a blast.

Tired Bailey 
Bailey had a visit from my childhood friend and her three children. They are thinking of getting  a St. Bernard and wanted to meet one in person and see what they thought. She said the kids loved Bailey (who doesn't!?). Now really all they did was hang out here and pet him for about and hour and a half, but boy did it take a lot out of him. It must have interfered with his nap because this is what he did after they left:

 Old Technology 

Look what I found when cleaning out my guest room. First my TI calculator from high school (1990ish). It still works! Then, some 3.5" hard disks. I found some Quicken disks and "Rescue Disks". LOL I only wish I found some floppy disks!

BONUS: My cutie student was trying to write my assistant's name: Mrs. Thibeault. I think this is a pretty good guess !! 

Thanks to Glitter Meets Glue for the awesome glitter letters. I snagged them when she had an Educents package!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Note: I am not an account, CPA, or trained tax consultant, so take what I say with a grain of salt and follow up with your own accountant. I am not liable for any problems you encounter in your own tax filings based on what you read here.

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