Beat the Doldrums with Some Bargains

I don't know about you but I am so annoyed and a little depressed with this stinky, cold, snowy weather! I decided to do something different to try and liven things up and get me out of the doldrums. I am having a 1 for $1 for 1 Sale- 1 item will be $1 at my Teachers Notebook shop for one day - today only! Plus just about everything else will be 25% off. Wahoo! Here's the $1 deal - it ends at midnight tonight. My Spring  Story Problem Pack. Click on any of the images to grab it. If you're not already on Teachers Notebook it is free to sign up to shop around.

My students are really liking the cut and glue activities and it is good fine motor/scissor practice!

There are a couple more basic pages you can use for homework, morning work, or even a quick assessment. It is interesting I find my class in general is more likely to make errors on these than just the standard addition or subtraction problem presented vertically. Some of them really need to use the algorithm and if they don't rewrite the numbers vertically they get goofed up. Of course, some can do this just fine, and solve them quicker than me!

I combined some number story practice with both Quantity-quantity-difference and part-part-total boxes.

My second graders love seeing what they end up rolling and figuring out a fun number story to create for it. There is one of these for both addition and subtraction.

I know this is not number story-related but I had to sneak in a frame and arrow practice because it's part of our Everyday Math program and my kids need some more practice!

Remember everything else will be 25%, including a couple favorites like below! I hope this brightens at least one person's day!

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