Five for Friday

It is Friday and I am back with Five for Friday! Linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching!

 I always have to have a pic of my handsome boy, so here is an adorable (IMHO) shot of him sleeping away. He looks sooo tired!

 We JUST Had our 100th day of school last week. Here are some of my favorite writing responses from the day.

This one was too "I have been told 100 times". The kids had a blast doing this one.

   This one was so sweet. Most kiddos wrote about something that annoyed them but it was nice to see a couple of positive "I have been told 100 times" responses.

Take a "brake" from that Xbox! Cute!

This girl is adorable. She feels bored when her parents tell her to go to bed.

 This guy spent a long time on his picture. It looks like he initially was going to draw himself slumped over his homework but changed his mind. I love his mom's speech bubble:  "Honey your homework!"

Also some kiddos and I dressed up like 100 year olds. This girl was cute. She was leaning on her cane and really making the most of it!

And these two were adorable. They asked if they could play "Old Person Shuffleboard" and showed me how they were doing it with an empty crayon box. Very creative. And I wonder where they got the idea that elderly folks might play shuffleboard..
 It is school vacation week! I Spent the first 5 days with a nasty head cold but I was determined to drag myself to Mohegan Sun to see Kings Of Leon and not waste my hotel room . My teaching buddy Jenney and I had a great time! My new fave is the SATC game. The bonuses are super fun. When I go to Vegas this summer I will SO be on the lookout for those!

 It is STILL snowing. It was even supposed to rain last night but we did get some snow mixed in - just enough to make some slush but still!

In honor of it, I sent my friend's daughter this book for her birthday and bought myself a new copy. The cover is all sparkly - can you tell??

 And here is what my mom's porch looks like. That is her grill on the right. LOL.

 And finally my favorite spelling error ever : this kiddo was trying to write "sprain" but instead came out with my mother's maiden name, Spang! Shout out to all the Spangs out there! Cute!

BONUS: Oh and it was Valentine's Day and I found a trillion awesome ideas at you may recall from my posts on mailboxes, valentine's ideas etc. (Mailbox Ideas Post, Valentine's Ideas, Valentine's Books and Crafts) . I decided to go with the "I'm Stuck on You" glue stick ideas from  Relocated Living since my class had been having a SERIOUS glue stick shortage! Here's how mine looked  (would have been cuter if my washi tape was pink or red but still!):

I printed out the freebie at Relocated's page and then I did actually get the glue sticks from Amazon - I am a prime member and needed them fast and they were a good price. Here's the link (Click on the image below to go to Amazon).

Okay... they are even cheaper now! Less than $8 for 30!  LOL

Also, thanks to Glitter Meets Glue who created those sparkly numbers. I grabbed some of them when she was on an Educents deal.

And thanks to Jason R., who I hear reads every one of my blog posts (at least that's the word on the streets!)! If you're reading this Jason, you rock!

 Hope you are having a restful week everyone! 


  1. Love your "I've been told 100 times.." prompt. Kings of Leon - love them, too - glad you were able to make it with the unpredictable weather around here. Couldn't you be on vacation for another week though? I am not ready for vacation to end yet.

  2. Oh Gee I meant to mentioned who created the "I have been told 100 times" page. It was from Around The Kampfire, which i . I don't know who made the author ones - I looked and there is no copyright or name on them. If anyone knows please comment so we can give them props!