Five for Friday with a Big Sale at Teachers Notebook!

It's Time to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching! This week is a good 5 for Friday!  I made it through this week of school staying healthy! I missed all 4 days last week due to a super bad stomach virus. That stunk! Being out of school is no fun, especially when you are so sick. I was so bad I had to call my neighbor to feed my dog because I couldn't even get up to go in the kitchen to get it ready (granted, it is not just kibble- he is on a sensitive tummy diet himself so I have to heat up rice and mix it with chicken, so it takes a couple min.). In any case I am happy to be back!

#1 New England Blogger Meet Up 

Deidre from A Burst of First organized this meet up - what a super idea! It was awesome to meet these wonderful ladies!

From left to right we have: 
me :)
Katie who said, I'm Just a Stalker"

Also thanks to the ladies who brought goodies - Sara, Dianne, and Vera- so sweet!

#2  Saint Bernard in Snow

Last week, when I was just better enough to drag Bailey outside, we have a couple inches of fresh snow. He loves to stick his face all the way in it and rear up like a pony! So silly! Here he is enjoying himself!

There goes the face!

Having a look around.

Keeping an eye on the neighborhood!

Next time it snows I am going to kick butt with this - it's to get snow off the roof of my SUV. I just can't reach even when it's with my extra long scraper. I have to open my car door, stand on the side of the seat and reach up. This is like 4 feet long or something. It ought to do the trick!

This is not to do with the snow - but when I was sick my sweet friend Kim brought me the Teacher Binder I keep on my desk and some chicken soup. The big boy thought it smelled amazing!

#3 Martin Luther King , Jr. 
I would have posted this last week if I was feeling better - but here are some things we did before MLK Jr. Day. I believe they were a special freebie from Curriculum Castle - great resources!

I love the happy sunshine :) 

The broken heart crossed out is sweet! 

I think these activities are such warm fuzzies - they get the kids thinking about things that matter.

Now this was interesting. The other part of her writing said she wants everyone to be healthy and then this part. I was impressed and surprised she knew cholera!

#4 TPT Front Page !
I got all dorked out with excitement with week when Kylie from Ripper Resources tagged me on Facebook - she had seen me on the front page of TPT. So exciting!

#5 Remember these?

I have been cleaning out the guest room and look what I found.. remember these? Three of them are cassingles! LOL. The Nick Lowe one is a full CD. This cracks me up! Do you have any cassette tapes lying around?

and a bonus... #6 ! Teachers Notebook Sale! 
Stop by Teachers Notebook because tons of shop owners are having big sales, including me. Everything is on sale! I am also running a giveaway at Teachers Notebook to win my Winter Writing Prompt collection. Click here to see all the giveaways you can enter. Also, the site is giving away $1,000 in TN gift certfiicates ! Wow! If you click on the image, it will take you to my Teacher Notebook shop.

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