Book Talk: Amelia Bedelia

I'm linking up with Andrea of Reading Toward the Stars for Book Talk Thursday!

Andrea was discussing how to help your students create vivid descriptions of characters in their writing. I think a huge part of that is analyzing characters they read about to learn what great characters look like, sound like, and so on. For this, I love Amelia Bedelia ! She is so silly and fun and the kids get a kick out of her. A couple months ago, I added this post on a quick and easy but fun and useful lesson I did with my class on her. If you click the picture below which is what they came up with you can see the originial post.

I also love using this freebie from my store (another simple but I think useful tool) to have students show an example of a mix up she had. Click here or on the image to get the freebie from my TPT store.

Do you love Amelia Bedelia books as much as I do? What do you use to teach students how to write great characters? Here are some of my favorite Amelia Bedelia books. Clicking on the cover takes you to see
them at Amazon.


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  1. I love the Amelia Bedelia books. I just bought some chapter books from Scholastic in December. They are about Amelia Bedelia as a child. There are 3 different titles. Right now my kids are hooked on idioms and they are all reading Amelia Bedelia books. My struggling readers are reading the I Can Read books, and the others are reading some of the regular Amelia Bedelia books, and my stronger readers are reading the chapter books. This has never happened before. We are all able to talk about Amelia Bedelia and make connections.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
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