13 in '13

Well, hard to believe 2013 is over! A teeny Tiny Teacher and some of her bloggy buddies are hosting the annual linky - this year called 13 in '13 !

My 13...

13. Favorite Article Of Clothing
My new Boyfriend Cardigan from Old Navy! 

I got charcoal and it is so comfy and goes with almost everything! I also just saw they were on sale and ordered this beigy color and green.

12. Favorite Movie you Watched
American Hustle !

 For sure! How could you go wrong with ANY of these actors, never mind all of them. Plus, for bonus fun they filmed a scene outside an elementary school near where I grew up and across from Horn Pond which I've walked around maybe 50 times, a scene inside the old Anthony's Hawthorn by the Sea restaurant (closed, no more of their delicious popovers :(  ) , and a scene driving by Big and Little Winter Pond in Winchester!

11. Favorite Television Show
The Walking Dead 

Can't get enough ! In fact since I love it so much here is a promo shot (look at how big Carl who was like 8 when it started has become!)

And for uber fans here are some of my favorite cast members and director and special effects makeup guru Greg Nicotero hamming it up!

10. Favorite Restaurant
Stripers, Kennebunkport

Well, the best restaurant I went to was probably in late 2012 but let's see... my favorite 2013 restaurant I went to was maybe Stripers in Kennebunkport, Maine. I adore Kennebunkport and my family has been going there my mom was a child! This is a restaurant with a great view of the river that leads out to the ocean and yummy food. 

9. Favorite New Thing you Tried

It was worth it! That's all I am sayin' right now.

8. Favorite Gift You Got

It's not a material gift and it may be cheesy but the favorite gift I got was more time with my big Saint Bernard Bailey. I thought I was going to lose him this summer. I borrowed and was given money from kind family members who I can never thank enough and went into debt myself to pay the vet bills, but I got to bring him home and he is still here! So lucky!

7. Favorite Thing you Pinned
This pin here

Love this idea! I think the kids in my class could even make their own words for the sprinkles. The only thing is, I would avoid doing it for moms because the last few years I have worked with multiple children who have no mom in their lives. Maybe for Valentine's Day they could make it for a loved one!

6. Favorite Blog Post

I probably enjoyed the Time to be Thankful Linky Party post I did. It was so helpful to reflect on what I was thankful for and I loved hearing from all of you. Click on the image to revisit this linky!

5. Favorite Accomplishment

My favorite accomplishment is I would say getting the bathroom floors redone, and the kitchen redone .(I know I didn't really do much if any of the work but taking everything out of your kitchen, putting it away, having no sink for 1 1/2 weeks, putting everything back, etc. is work, right?)  It was gross before. I thought I might be renting it out but now I get to live here with the much MUCH nicer kitchen and condo in general.

Yucky before!

See that dark at the top?  Bob and I had painted over most of it with white. I was on my second pair of knobs and  you can see the knots in the wood coming through, the ugly backsplash, sad, 1970's laminate countertop, and you can't see the doggie teeth and claw marks from naughty puppy phase!

During! Stuff all over the place. Nowhere to put it!

After (except I should have put the outlet covers on before this picture. Only 8 weeks! lol. (The cabinets were not ripped out and replaced, they were refaced. Still very expensive because I had a bigger kitchen than I thought - 9 drawers for example - the guy said most people have 3 drawers in their kitchen. But I think worth it in the long run. Could never have sold or rented it the way it was before!).

4. Favorite Picture

This year I got one of the best pcitures ever of Bailey! Look at this tongue action. Amazing!

I also wanted to pick this one because it was taken not long after Bailey, who had been SO sick, got home from the hospital. I was so happy to have him back. He looks exhausted and kind of as if he has been through a lot, but he is home and resting!

And this is when he is a tiny bit better but you can still see where they shaved his leg for the iv, but he is back to his favorite activity (besides sleeping and getting petted) of looking out the window and drooling. So handsome!

3. Favorite Memory

2. Goal for 2014

I did not work out as much as I liked in 2013. I know it's like the #2 most popular goal after diet but I did very well after losing almost 20 pounds in 2012. 2013 I gained some back and I know and can do what I need to do for my healthy eating but it seems the busier I got with blogging and school the less I worked out. In the nice weather I walked almost daily but the fall has been bad . I will say since Dec. 23 I have exercised in some way 12 out of the 15 days. And on one of the days I didn't my mom and I brought those bookcases from IKEA, over 100 lbs of stuff up here to the 3rd floor! Whew!

1. One Little Word

I hope 2014 brings you many good things!

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