Valentine Mailbox Ideas and a Lil' Freebie

This weekend I realized I need to send out my pre-Valentine's Day letter to all the parents. That means it is almost time to do the exchange of Valentines itself and that may mean it's time for kids or even the teacher to make their own Valentine box or bag. I was searching for possibilities and here are a bunch of neat ideas I found. Plus I linked up with Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies and Teaching Blog Addict's freebie Friday, so at the end of the post you will find a little language arts freebie you may be able to use!

Scroll down after the collage to see individual craft ideas. Images are linked in below the collage.

Do it Yourself Mailbox Crafts:

Love Notes Valentine Mailbox

Foxy Mailbox

Shoebox for Valentines

Frog Prince Valentine Card Holder

My Fave- Abe Lincoln's Hat!

Super for Star Wars Fans

Kiss Me Mailbox Craft

Groovy Grommets

Puppies are the best! 

Now if you are not crafty at all like me (I can be I suppose but it takes tons of time and effort) could purchase something already made to decorate. Here are a couple ideas I saw on Amazon (click to jump to their page on Amazon):


 Isn't this one super cute?  

 Never seen this one before but it looks popular - there were only 3 left in stock:

This is sooo cool but a splurge:

 I found a couple at other websites but couldn't get an image for you:

Really Good Stuff's Mailbox Craft
Oriental Tradings Craft

 Now if you want a whole book of ideas for Valentine's Day at school, not just a mailbox, this looks like it will do the trick:

As promised, here your freebie- a short but hopefully useful cause and effect practice page. Click on it to get it from Teachers Notebook or if you prefer Teachers Pay Teachers, click here:

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Cue NKOTB: It's The Write Stuff Bundle at Educents (Plus...Stop the Germ Spreading!)

Do you know your New Kids on the Block Songs? If so, cue "The Right Stuff". I am psyched to be included in an Educents Bundle called The Write Stuff, so that song has been stuck in my head! I also have germs on my mind after being sick this week so scroll down for ideas on how to teach your kids about germs.

In any case, Educents has this bundle available with 27 different literacy products included. Most are writing, hence the title. Get your kiddos working on writing sentences Building Complex Sentences, and Silly Sentences. Help those emergent writers with writer's workshop ideas, and incorporate journal prompts, a monthly writing journal, writing fairy tales and pen pals!

You can also use some other literacy resources included such as sight word and close reading activities and  jungle themed literacy centers and  reading choice boards (which I am super interested in myself).

I started thinking about teaching writing and some of my favorite ways to teach writing include using children's literature. Here are a couple of my favorite books for kids that relate to writing. My fave is Arthur!

 I was looking around on Pinterest at some writing-related pins and I hit a jackpot. I found an awesome linky called 10 Pin Linky-Share Your Favorite Writing Pins. There are some Terrific Ideas. Just at Hooty's Homeroom I found a bunch of great ideas. My favorites..

Over at Just Reed, she shared Teacher Wife's new version of Cara Carroll's What do Writers Write pencil anchor chart.

I also was looking at some books for teachers on teaching writing. Using mentor texts is huge right now and I found a few resources. It is also often super challenging to motivate older students so I tracked down this book on essay writing for middle schoolers.

If you are looking for terrific resources, for your money you may not be able to beat this amazing deal over at Educents!  I have teamed up with 17 other amazing sellers to load your classrooms with 27 outstanding resources for writing!  If you click on the image below you can go right to the item on Educents!

My Language Arts Bundle is included! This is a bundle of many of my language arts products: Editing Practice Pack, Rainy Day Root Words, Plural Nouns Practice Pack, Writing Prompt Collection and Seasonal  Synonym and Homophone Fun! All of the activities could be used in grades 1, 2 and 3! Here is a collage of what is included.

Want some details about the different products that are included? Well here you go!

Rainy Day Root Words
Rainy Day Root Words includes practice in the challenging skill of root (or base) words. Included in the 17 pages are an I Have Who Has style game, practice pages and task cards. A rainy day theme with cute Thistlegirl graphics links all the activities. 


Plural Nouns Practice Pack
This is a 29 page pack with activities to help your students with singular and plural nouns - especially those tough irregular plurals which always have me pulling my hair out! Activities include both color and black and white plural noun cards which can be used for two different activities, practice pages and Watch Your Step! a plural nouns game.


Editing With Edna
This packet has 5 activities for children to practice editing by searching for capital letter and punctuation errors that need to be fixed. I gave it a cute theme about Edna and her dog Eddie.


Seasonal Synonym and Homophone Fun
This is 3 different games, 19 pages in all for students grades 1-3 to practice their synonym and homophone skills. The games are usually used as Go Fish or Concentration Style but easily adaptable so you can do something different with them. There is Valentine's homophone game, a fall-themed synonym game and a winter-themed synonym game included.

 Finally... phew.. Writing Prompt Collection
This is my #1 seller. It is a collection of writing prompts that meet the CCSS for second grade writing but will also be useful for grades 1 and 3. Included are 7 different prompts which include expository writing, persuasive writing, and friendly letter writing. The prompts include one in which students imagine they are the principal of their school, one in which they try and convince the school chef to serve their favorite lunch and responses to Click Clack Moo and Flat Stanley, among others. Each has a black and white border and a response sheet with the Handwriting without Tears paper, but I also included regular lined paper. Each prompt has a checklist for student accountability.

Check out these other terrific products that are included! Cretd by talented teachers such as Lesley Boatright, Cyndie  Dunn, Sally of Elementary Matters, Kinderkay, Monica Schroder and more!


For a limited time it is $29.99 from Educents which is over 71% off!  It also includes these other great products so there is sure to things you love!  (They even have $10 off for first time customers… so it can be even cheaper if you have never bought anything from Educents!)

Germs! UGH! If you are like me either you or your students have been pretty sick this month. I was out all week with a killer virus. Miserable! With that being said,  I was looking around at ideas to teach kids about germs. Here are a couple things I found. Images are linked to the posts/websites.

Heidisongs has a clever post with a bunch of ideas about how to educate kids about germs so that the spread of them is minimized! has a cool activity idea too. It shows kids how germs spread. using cornstarch or flour.  No image, just click here.

I also found a cute and comprehensive (almost 50 pages) product at Teachers Notebook that could be useful! It also teaches the  proper handwashing procedure.