Five for Friday : Christmas Edition

Happy Vacation all! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's 5 for Friday (albeit a little late!). Click on her link to see who else linked up (hint: tons of awesome teacher bloggers)!

1. Reindeer Puppets! I have no idea where I found this project - I found it about ten years ago on a piece of paper in a folder. I have since lost the original directions but think they came out a ok. It is so fascinating how the same pattern and directions can lead to many different variations!

This one does not have the antlers on yet. It looks like a concerned reindeer to me. I like how she put both the pupils in and the colored part of the eyes!

This one looks cute - she designed her own antlers and cut them out.

2. Hi Touch Hi Tech Science (Plants)
A teacher came in from Hi Touch Hi Tech to teach us about plants. The PTA paid for it and it was awesome! One thing she did was teach them about chlorophyll and show them how using a coffee filter, wax paper and a popsicle stick they can basically scrape the chlorophyll out of the plant. It gets transferred to the coffee filter and the leaf becomes just a transparent shell which then disinigrates because it is so delicate. (how do you spell disinigrate?!)

She also used chromotography paper to show them how you can find out how many colors make up black with this little experiment. They were so engaged in this lesson!

3. December Dog 
Instead of the Elf, I have December Dog visit. He does all sorts of fun things, like practice math facts with the desk fairy (hint: kids, you should be practicing too) and write in someone's handwriting book (hint: let's work on neater printing :)  ) 

He also led a reading group with some other classroom stuffies. Another day he was reading some of Joy Berry's books (Gossiping, Being Lazy, etc.).

December Dog was an inspiration for us to do some writing.

D.D. as we call him was "trying to incerige us to practiss our hand writing".. :)

D.D. made her happy!

D.D. should get an iPhone for Christmas so he can call Santa and play Minecraft!

4. Bailey has been getting ready for Christmas . Here is the big boy at the groomers. He actually is great for them and loves the attention but when he spotted me I could tell he wanted to get down and go home right away. He gets pretty exhausted standing up for that long (3+ hours).

Big Boy got an early Christmas present too, a new beddie! Yay! I can leave the old one at my moms house now!

5. Secret Snowpals - my coworker shared this with me - I am sure some awesome teacher came up with it but I dont know who. The kids randomly pick a secret snow pal and their job is to make a personalized card for their pal and include clues to who they are. This girl's pal loves football so she wrote him an amazing football poem!


Here are some kiddos listening as someone reads their clues out loud and tries to guess who their pal was. They made the cards at home and brought them in , sneaking them to me so no one would see. It was super.

I hope you all have a restful and fun holiday season!!!

Here are some links to the books I mentioned that December Dog was reading. Click on the images to get details.

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