Book Talk Thursday - Good Winter Reads

Here is my very late Book Talk Thursday Post! With all of the hecticness of the holidays I am finally getting around to posting this. I am linking up with Andrea at Reading Toward the Stars for her linky! Also, I am lucky to be part of a group of terrific reading specialists and literacy teachers who are launching a collaborative literacy blog called Literacy Land. We will launch in about a week so stay tuned! I think it will be awesome!

My favorite winter read is the classic, The Mitten by Jan Brett! What a clever story. It is so neat to see the story unfold as each animal tries to squeeze into the mitten as they seek shelter. The mitten stretches and stretches... The ending is so fun, and I love how the boy brings back the mittens to his nana (I think) who had warned him not to lose one! I am always losing mittens and gloves so I know the feeling!

Now I don't have any great resources myself for this book but I found that Nicole King has a free Jan Brett author study pack on Teachers Pay Teachers - click here to see it - and Erin from Creating and Teaching has a free sequence activity. Click here to see that. Click on Andrea's image for Book Talk Thursday below to see her favorite winter read and see who else linked up!

Click on the image of The Mitten to learn more about it from Amazon.

I had a couple other winter book runner ups that I almost picked - here are the links to them on Amazon so you can can check them out.


  1. Thanks so much for linking up! You are never too late!

    I almost used this book, but I found a new book instead. This is such a classic, and I do love the story and use it to teach a lot!

    Can't wait for our new blog launch!

    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. That is funny! I am glad you discovered a new book and shared it because now I have a new book to look for!

  2. Bex, I lose mittens and gloves too! :) It's funny that you chose this book as your favorite, because I almost chose this one instead of The Gingerbread Bear. I actually put pictures of the animals from the story on craft sticks, and I have my kindergarten students squeeze under a blanket (as animals) to represent the story. It worked really well, and they all followed directions.

    I'm so happy found your blog today!

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

  3. That is funny! I am glad you discovered a new book and shared it because now I have a new book to look for!

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