Simple Acts of Kindness - Guest Post from Charlene/Diamond Mom

Simple Acts of Kindness
Thanks Bex for the opportunity to guest blog for you. Today I would like to share with your readers some resources that will help our students to better understand that they can make a difference with simple acts of kindness.
I believe that when we have an attitude of gratitude, we are more likely to experience the blessings life has to offer. At this time of the year, I like to focus on giving and being kind. It is so easy for children to get caught up in the commercialism of advertising with Christmas just around the corner. It is important that they think about giving instead of all the things they would like to have. I shared with my class the concept of paying it forward when we were talking about peace and veterans and all they gave for our freedom. I created a paying it forward poster using poppies to show how quickly this could explode.
Recently, someone shared this video and I immediately thought about how it showed examples of paying it forward with simple acts of kindness. It takes so little to make a difference. It costs so little, but it pays big dividends.

More Videos of Kindness

Here are some more video clips that share acts of kindness and the impact they can have. I have shared these with my students for the last couple of years, and it is amazing to see the impact it has on them.
I also spend time working on the concept of bucket filling and creating positive self esteem with my class. This helps them to understand the importance of being kind to one another.  As we think about each other and how special we are, we can help make other people feel special too. Here is a great video that shares this idea. My kids love singing along with it.
Here is a copy of my paying it forward poster using children instead of poppies. I hope you will find it helpful in sharing the idea of giving and sharing during this season and all year round.
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  1. Thanks for the opportunity, Bex. I just realized that I didn't leave a link to my website. If anyone is interested in hopping over, they can click on the link in this comment. Have a great rest of the week.

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