Funny Five for Friday

A short (4 day) but tiring week means TGIF ! Holy mackerel!

Well, it is  time to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday - woo hoo!

Here are mine..

1. I did some fun and funny stuff in class this week. First, we have been reading a lot of Amelia Bedelia books this month. We also have been doing some work with parts of speech so I made an adjectives "anchor chart" for Amelia. Check it out. The ideas were great and they did a great  job overall focusing on her personality,  not her looks (a lot of character descriptions I can get be "pretty", "blonde", "dressed up", "big ears" etc. lol.

The students also worked on some Amelia Bedelia pages where they wrote what she was told to do, i.e. "Draw the drapes", drew a picture of what she actually did and what she should have done. Here are a few excellent examples. They crack me up! Amelia is so nutty anyway and these pictures are the best! :-)

 Amelia looks a little like a witch in this one - it is for when she was supposed to make sponge cake!

Poor Mr. Rogers asked for coffee and cereal and he got coffee in his cereal. I appreciate how this girl labeled the pictures!

One of my faves-when Amelia taught school she got a roll out of someone's lunch box and called it!

3.  We had our 50th day of school this week. Here is what my students think they will look like and be like when they are 50!

I don't what "old man candy" is but it sure is cute! Maybe he could patent it!

 This is what I want to do - read every book in the library!

I like this one - he is going to have a beard and will get "weaker". 

4. They also had the option to write about something they would like 50 of. This little fella wants $50 but he is apparently going to get a car AND "buy a drivers license" with his $50. He will be in for a shock!

5. And of course here is my obligatory St Bernard moment. I woke up one morning and he was curled up way on the edge of his bed where the bolster was!

Then when he woke up he stretched out but he is still way over on the edge of his XXL size dog bed. LOL. And that is a sheet from a double bed I need to use to cover it up. The bed was getting a little threadbare!

Have a restful weekend everyone!

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