Frenzy, Blog Hop and 5 for Friday!

Happy Saturday everyone! I just spent 3 days at the Wilson Language Institute in Oxford , MA doing the introductory training. I love it! I just am bummed because I am a classroom teacher so  I can't implement it right now. In any case, it has been a super crazy week but I still linked up to Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday! Click on her logo below to see who else linked up.

This week I am lucky enough to be involved in two awesome events that bring you some freebies! The first is the I'm So Thankful Blog Hop and Giveaway!  Get into the hop by hopping through each blog and gathering fun Thanksgiving and Autumn freebies - plus there is a giveaway at the end!  Click the image below to get to my blog post for the hop and to get your first freebie!

Also... I get to be in the November Facebook Frenzy which has dozens and dozens of freebies for you. It is so big it had to be split up into grade level groups and there is a clip art group too!  I am in the grades 2-3 group and you can get there by clicking on the image below and heading to my Facebook page. Look for the Frenzy tab in the upper right corner below my banner to get going!


Long story, but I donated a whole bunch of my dishes and plates to charity because I thought I wouldn't need them. Turns out, I do! I was left with a too-small selection of mismatched items so I decided to start working on getting a full set of adult plates and bowl, etc. So far I just have the plates and cereal bowls but I love them! Maybe I will put the small plates or soup bowls on my Xmas list!

Not much to report school-wise since I was only there two days this week. However, the newest, most time consuming thing is the new Massachusetts Teacher Evaluation system. It is more through and that is a plus, but I just wish it was not another thing added to our already overfull plate. It seems every new things is more work for us. I spent probably 4 hours working on my self assessment and writing up my goals. I hope they are good enough!

I was working on a bunch of math and literacy Thanksgiving themed activities to make practice more fun this month for my class with things like compound words, number stories, even and odd, and place value! Hopefully it will help out some other teachers too. I will post about it soon! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a restful weekend!


  1. I'm loving your blog hop and facebook frenzy!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

    1. Thanks Sally! It is fun. :) enjoy your long weekend !

  2. Can't go wrong with basic white dishes. I decided to get service for 12, even though there are two of us. Has been perfect, as I have hosted the last five Christmas dinners. You can add fun pieces for the holidays and not break the bank.