Five for Friday - It's November?! iPad Lockdown, Domain Name Confusion and More

Seriously, how can it be November? WTH happened!

Well, it is Friday too and time to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday - woo hoo!

Here are mine..

1.  iPad lockdown ! Do you have iPads in the room? Do those little cuties like to leave the apps you want them on to do other things when you're not looking? Mrs. Stanford has an awesome video that explains how to lock them so the kiddos can't get out. I love her blog and everything she does and this is another hit!  Here is her video from youtube.

2. Chocolates! Who is from Canada? Have you heard of Purdys? I got this awesome and tasty box of chocolates. I have never heard of them but they sure are fancy, and delicious!

3. Branching out: I am diversifying (is that the right word?)! You can now find me on and .  Click on the images to learn more.

4. My domain name! I've owned my domain name for a while and want to switch so my blogger account directs there.. but I am so confused! Especially with all the weird stuff you have to type in to supposedly do it - like where the heck do I find my php?  Do I have a host (I got my domain name from If you have any advice let me know! This is me!!!

5. Halloween - 2 fun things. One is my room mother did the best job I have ever seen at getting the room ready for our Halloween party- plus she dressed up too! Here are her super gorgeous cupcakes and this neat cupcake stand which even has a spider on it. The tablecloth and all were from her too. She came in and quietly set it up during reading - then about 30 minutes later I was reading with a group and one boy goes "Whoa! That's new!" and points at it. I guess she was being VERY quiet and unobtrusive if he didn't notice.

Also my Bailey didn't dress up but he did wear his scarf. Here he waits for trick or treaters. Does he do tricks for real ? Only if tricks include sleeping and getting petted.

Thanks for stopping by and have a restful weekend everyone. You need it!

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  1. OK, either that room mom is a ninja or your kids are really focused! I swear a leaf can fall from a tree and everyone in my room is staring out the window at it!