Blog Hop and a Frenzy Coming Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be fun! It's Friday, which is always good (even though I am usually exhausted) but it is also the start of the I'm So Thankful Blog Hop and Giveaway AND Facebook Frenzy (2 separate events!)  The lowdown on the Blog Hop: Some terrifically talented bloggers and teachers have a lot of great freebies for you, plus of course a giveaway. We hope you find a bunch of things you can use. It is our way of thanking you!  Check in at 8:00 am tomorrow! The Frenzy - there are actually several mini frenzies with between 15-20 pages for each that you can grab freebies from too. It will be split up into grade level groups so you can get what is most useful for you. I will be in the Grades 2-3 group. Check back tomorrow!

(PS I know this says 4 days left, but it starts tomorrow!)

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