New Things in Our Teaching Repertoire + a Freebie!

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I asked  my Facebook followers if they had tried any new things yet this year and were they really liking any of them. I got a lot of great replies and I thought it might be fun to share them - maybe you might end up trying one of them! Also, I have new Freebie for you - hint: spoooky! Read on to the bottom of the post to see what it is and snag it.

Daily 5
The biggest response by far was Daily 5™/Cafe.
Now I am not an expert - I only picked this up informally in my classroom. I had never heard of it before last year. Here is what the Daily 5 website itself says, "The Daily 5™ is more than a management system or a curriculum framework - it is a structure that helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently that will lead to a lifetime of literacy independence". The five aspects of the daily routine are:

  • Read to self
  • Work on writing
  • Word Work
  • Listen to reading
  • Read to Someone
  •  CAFE is more about what you are teaching the students - what skill are they working on?

  • C for Comprehension
  • A for Accuracy
  • F for Fluency
  • E for Expanding Vocabulary

  • Even though I have only done this informally it is super fun and it also falls right in line with what I am supposed to be doing in RTI anyway.

    Notebooking, or more specifically Math Notebooking was also mentioned on my Facebook page. I don't know hardly anything about this either (boy I feel out of it!) but I do know it is HUGE and some of the best selling (I meant best - top 10) teaching products on the web are notebooking products of some kind. If you want a thorough explanation, click here for a great one . This website also has great links to free resources. For some paid (and fabulous) resources try some of these:
    Lovin' Lit's  Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks for grades 4-8 
    Runde's Room's Interactive Math Journal
    Nicole Shelby's 3rd Grade Reading Interactive Notebook
     These ladies must be selling gazillions of these!  You can also get some free preview downloads too.

     New Apps:
    A few new apps were mentioned. Nearpod was the first one. It looks pretty neat and great for teacher and students. Click here or on the image to read more about it from the developer's page.

    Another app mentioned was Show Me .Looks like with the Show Me app you can create really cool and "beautiful" (according to their site - I don't know if I made one how beautiful it would be ) tutorials.

    Guided Reading, Work Work and Whole Brain Teaching
    Guided Reading, Word Work and Whole Brain Teaching were all mentioned.How can you go wrong with any of them right? If you need info on any of them just click on their names and   My bloggy buddy Brian Hopkins has a nice article on Guided Reading Activities here. As far as word work, there is a lot of info you can glean from the Daily 5 website again.  They explain,

    "Word study takes up a portion of each literacy block because, "Creating and maintaining a time during each literacy block to focus on words is critical to developing readers, writers and communicators. (The Daily 5™ p.85)
    During Word Work, we focus on spelling and vocabulary work with children. However, The Daily 5™ is not a proponent of a program or method for teaching Word Work, but instead, offers a rich literate environment that allows for the practice time that is so often missing in the lives of our students."

    Whole Brain Teaching 
    I don't know anything about Whole Brain Teaching so for lots of details click on the title above. What I do know is that is is based on brain research that showed that learning is more effectively when connections are made between the hemispheres of the brain. The creators used this information to create some techniques called "Power Teaching" I believe.It sounds pretty interesting. Do any of you use Whole Brain Teaching? What are your thoughts?

    So YES here is the freebie! It's brand new and it is a preview of my Spooky Writing Prompt Collection which you can see here. This writing prompt set is not Halloween specific. There is no mention of Halloween or jack-o-lanterns. The prompt you will get as the freebie is one where the students imagine there is something strange making noise in the basement... what is it?! Click on either of the images below to get the freebie from Google Docs.

    Here are some resources from Amazon that you may want to check out!


    Classroom Freebies Manic Monday



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