Five for Friday Time Again

Happy Friday everyone! How was your week? Exhausting like mine? I can't wait to get some sleep!
Until then I have linked up again with Doodlebug Teaching for her awesome Five for Friday! Check over at   her blog to see who else linked up by clicking the Five for Friday pic! 

My Five for Friday
#1 Finally... I got my own Scotch thermal laminator! I have been so eager to snag one of these babies. I know I'm such a nerd! Here is a picture of it right here on my rug! I got it using my Scholastic Bonus Points. Woo woo! Before this the most exciting thing I got was a three hole puncher! Now I did get the super basic version but hey it is a start!

If you want to check out the laminator on Amazon click on that image of the it above!

#2 Oh no! My poor Bailey dog had to go back to the vet and I found out he has a skin problem and he has to wear an e collar! It's awful hard to get one that fits him . Luckily I had a very big one I found on the Internet somewhere a couple years ago. Here's sad looking Bailey!

Luckily he doesn't actually seem to mind. He always looks kind of depressed! It's the sad St Bernard face!

Here's a closer look:

Then I woke up the other morning and was confused to see him lying here with the rug on top of his head. Turns out when I got over there the velcro on the giant collar stuck to the rug and he must have moved enough to get on his bed (the rug was next to it) but the rug was still on top of his head!

#3 Thanks to our wonderful PTA who donated these super books! So nice! Can't wait to read them!

#4 Just today one of my student's moms came in. She is a volunteer fire fighter and used to be a wildfire fighter. Se brought in all her gear and talked about how she came to be a fire fighter. I know I have known how hard it is. I can't imagine how strong and how in shape she has to be to do this job. Plus, we learned  that she had to be able to put on all her gear, her oxygen tank and hook it up in 60 seconds or less as one requirement to graduate training!

#5 My friend Kim sent me an awesome popover recipe from her friend! I love popovers and am always trying to perfect my homemade ones. This recipe uses a blender which is a new thing I never tried. Here's what they looked like - a little weird but delicious! If you want to check out the recipe, click here to go read it at The Kitchn. (spelled wrong on purpose)

If you want to see any of those terrific books the PTA donated to my class, click on their images below! Happy reading! Have a relaxing weekend everyone!


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