Currently October is Here

Hey everyone, I am a little slow getting to this but it is Currently October time! Since I am 3 days late with this, I will not be getting to 5 for Friday this time. Check for that next week! I linked up with the lovely Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the Currently linky. Click on her button below to go see who else linked up!

 The theme of my current may be Friday night fatigue and stress and worry about my dog who was suddenly sick tonight, with similar symptoms to this summer when he got really ill and ended up having surgery. Ugh. **Fingers and Toes crossed** that it is nothing!


  1. You are not late! If you are late than I am belated!! There is nothing better than a Friday night! I'm needing more sleep, but not on a Friday night...PaRtY!!

  2. Thanks Jenny! If your name is pronounced as I think it is, it sounds reminiscent of my friend Jenney's childhood nickname, Jenney Wren". Jenney Wren/Jenny Reck? Almost? :)