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Mystery Word: Vowel Digraphs

Vowel digraphs are two letters that together represent a single sound. They can be challenging for young learners to read and spell so therefore they are an important part of phonics instruction. Phonics instruction on vowel digraphs help students improve their ability to decode word and as their decoding improves more words will become automatic and reading fluency will  improve. Students' spelling will improve too as spelling patterns become more familiar.

I've created a little activity that you can use to help your students practice reading vowel digraphs.It contains 20  task cards that your students read and try and determine each mystery word. Click on either image below to get it free just from this blog hop (it's usually a paid product)!

Now that you've learned a little about the mystery genre, you're ready for my clue.  On your form, you can record the letter...

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Halloween Themed Place Value Practice

I've made it a goal for myself to work on place value more this year. I want to teach it more effectively and have the kids walk out of second grade with a really firm understanding of all of the second grade Common Core standards for place value. With that being said I know I needed to add more to what I currently do using Everyday Math. Since the fall and early winter are filled with fun holidays I decided to use the holiday themes for place value practice.

So, I came up with... Halloween Themed Place Value Practice!

Here is what the cover looks like. If you click on the cover image it will take you to see the item at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store*. If you'd rather go to Teachers Notebook, click here.
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The beginning of the packet has some practice pages that you could use for in class work, assessments or even homework. Answer keys are included.

I included a set of 20 place value task cards. The cute clip art is from Thistlegirl Designs.

Then I mix in some scissors practice by including some cut and glue activities (there are two different cut and glue sets, one for each standard).

Hopefully it will help my students get even more practice. I plan to use the task cards as match centers and  the cut and glue activities both as centers and "seat work" (as they call in Ramona the Pest, one of my all time favorite book).

Spooky Writing Prompts

I have been busy finishing up a bunch of projects that I had in the works for a while. I was trying to think of ways that we could get our students to write fun, seasonal, topics, but without mentioning specific holidays. For example I know many schools do not allow their teachers to read Halloween books or do any Halloween projects and sometimes even prohibit the use of  papers with jack-o-lanterns on them. I was thinking... hmmm Halloween is spooky, but aren't there spooky and creepy things that are not Halloween-specific? So I came up with my Spooky Writing Prompts. Included is a listing of the CCSS standards it covers for grade 2 (the grade I teach), but it would still work for first and third graders for differentiation purposes.

Here are some pics from the packet. If you click on the cover image you can go see it at Teachers Pay Teachers.

 One of the spooky prompts: houses can be haunted at any time of year, right? Not necessarily a Halloween topic (but I suppose someone could debate me on it). I mean look at the first season of American Horror Story. Haunted house to the extreme and not because of October 31!

Ooh... who doesn't like a weird and creepy happening in the science lab. This pic kind of reminds me on the hard cover orange monster books my brother used to get from the library - this one in particular has to be the Blob! 

Included are assorted writing paper (Handwriting without Tears and regular) with all the different borders.

Some of the other prompts include, but aren't limited to: bad dreams, what is the creepiest animal/insect and what scares you. Hope this ends up being useful for some of you!