A New Teacher Dress from Shabby Apple

Hi everyone!

Recently I was looking around at the Shabby Apple website and checking out all of their  dresses which are styled like vintage clothing. I thought they were all pretty great but I specifically wanted a dress I could possibly wear to work - then I could let you know what I thought of it and if indeed you might be able to add something from them  to your teacher wardrobe.

Here is the dress I got (by the way I did not pick it because the model has red hair like me - coincidence!)

It is called "Study Hall" and I thought it  might work.  It came in a padded envelope and when I opened that it was wrapped with a pretty green tissue paper "belt " of sorts - a cute touch.

The dress itself is short sleeved and on me the length was such that it fell just below the knees. I'm a little on the short side (5' 3 1/2") so if you're taller it would probably be knee length. The fabric was a brown tweed like fabric but an unexpected and fun touch was that there was some gold thread within the brown fabric which I really liked. If you're not expecting it though  you may be surprised. I like sparkles and fun stuff so I am a fan. It makes what could be more of a serious dress fun! The dress  has a high neckline and has a slightly nipped in waist. There are also unique details with the fabric and some big buttons which are hard to explain but take a look at the pictures and you will see.  Very interesting! I thought maybe there were some pockets within the folds on the front sides but there were not. 

Close up of one of the decorative buttons. Also you can see it on the waist in the picture above with the model.

When I looked inside the dress, it had a solid lining and overall the dress had a nice weight to it. This is no flimsy,  quickly made dress. If I looked at the lining I could see all sorts of details that I didn't quite understand  and but I know affected the fit. Check it out below.

 For fit, the dress was pretty good although if I had a longer torso (I have been told I have a short torso) it would fit a little bit better. I ordered the medium and I think I probably would really have done best with size large or more likely, right in between. Aren't most of us always in between sizes? I am curvy and it may look a little better on someone who is a little less so.

 Overall the "Study Hall" dress  looked nice and I was impressed with the quality. I also give the fabric a thumbs up. I definitely think this dress and some others on the Shabby Apple site would work for a school dress. I also noticed they have fancier dresses too for nights out of the town perhaps or weddings. Have any of you bought from Shabby Apple? What did you get?

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Super Sleuths Blog Hop! Stop #5

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Mystery Word: Vowel Digraphs

Vowel digraphs are two letters that together represent a single sound. They can be challenging for young learners to read and spell so therefore they are an important part of phonics instruction. Phonics instruction on vowel digraphs help students improve their ability to decode word and as their decoding improves more words will become automatic and reading fluency will  improve. Students' spelling will improve too as spelling patterns become more familiar.

I've created a little activity that you can use to help your students practice reading vowel digraphs.It contains 20  task cards that your students read and try and determine each mystery word. Click on either image below to get it free just from this blog hop (it's usually a paid product)!

Now that you've learned a little about the mystery genre, you're ready for my clue.  On your form, you can record the letter...

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Review: Candy Corn Science & More from Monica Schroeder

Hey everyone ! I am a lucky girl today. I have the chance to review a product from an amazing teacher-author, Monica Schroeder. The product is her Candy Corn Science & More. This pack is available at several places and as part of an amazing Educents bundle deal. Details on where to get it are the end of the post.

Candy Corn Science & More is a comprehensive 51 page product  that is targeted to students in grades 1, 2 and 3. I can see 4th graders also enjoying many of these activities.

First off, she has a section providing materials and directions (Video directions!) on making safety goggles. This is a fun way to start and get everyone in the mindset that they are really scientists when they do these activities. A candy corn KWL follows, which is always a nice way to open up a topic. She then has a very interesting section on candy corn history with all kinds of facts that I did not know. For example, did you know candy corn has been around since the 1880s?

The next section contains some kid-friendly information about the scientific method and then some well chosen science vocabulary words. Both are a great resource for both teachers and students.

Monica has shared three different candy corn experiments to try. They are titled:
- Sink or Float
- Dissolving Corn
- Fizzy Corn Science

She provides places for students to make hypotheses, record their information, and illustrate and write about their findings. The experiments are fun and easy. All you need is several kinds of candy, water, vinegar, baking soda and a tall clear container.

Following the science section, Monica has a "More Fun" section. This area has a lot of fun and thoughtful activities that relate to candy corn and can be connected with what they have learned. For example, students could write an acrostic poem, do some candy corn art, and my favorite: Candy Corn Fact Families! Overall, this is a super creative, organized, useful, clear and thorough set of activities that will combine fun and learning. It would be worth taking a look at!

Here's where you can find it: Monica's Candy Corn Science & More is available as part of the Educents 3-5 Bundle which ends this Saturday, Oct. 26. The bundle has over $100 of products from folks like her, Diary of Not Such a Wimpy Teacher and more (yes, disclaimer, including me :) ). Click on the image below to head over and take a look at the bundle. If you'd rather check it out at her Teacher's Pay Teachers store, follow the link under the Educents bundle.

Enjoy ! Have a restful night!

Here are a few resources for teaching science that you might enjoy! Click on them to see more at Amazon.
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