These Teachers will Treat you... with a $50 Amazon and $50 Target Gift Card Giveaway

My bloggy buddy Sarah from Teaching Resources for the Classroom and I are running a fun gift card giveaway! As a thank you to our hardworking teacher readers, we have a giveaway where you can win a $50 Amazon gift card or a $50 Target gift card ! It's easy to enter just check out the rafflecopter below. Many of you are already following our blogs so that's two easy entries! (thanks to Thistle Girl Designs for the clip art and Kyp McLaren for the border)

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

And.. here is my Five for Friday, I have linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching who hosts this great linky!Click on the image to head to her blog and see all the other folks who have linked up.

 # 1This was me on Sunday, and then Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday; even though I only felt a little better I dragged myself into work on Wednesday. Made it through the day with the kids but could not last through the 3 hour professional development time. I went home, fell asleep and feel better today. Have any of you gotten sick yet this year? I fear it because I got really sick last year and missed 5 days :( of work and some people (not saying who..) complained to the administration about my absences.  I was so upset, I felt bad enough missing days and feeling so sick... I was almost in tears in the office discussing it and asking why a sick teacher cannot stay home and get better.

#2 The Massachusetts teacher evaluation system.. it has totally changed and is very complex although it is better than it was before. I was busy reading pp. 1-65 of a packet of info about it last night. I am still confused about a bunch of things. Eek!

#3 It wouldn't be a 5 for Friday without.... a pic of the pooch. Here's one from the other day. It's hard to be a big dog. Doesn't his head look ginormous?

#4 I was cat sitting this week too and I brought some papers to correct. Here is Jack attempting to prevent me from correcting and pay attention to him.

#5 Hopefully tomorrow I (and the class) will be done will all of the back to school tests and assessments - DIBELS, MAZE, 4 part math test, writing prompt... thank goodness. Sigh of relief! How long did it take you to finish all the beginning of year assessments with your class?

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

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