TGIF! Five for Friday

What a week! Any of you agree? 2nd full week of school, a Monday morning meeting, Open House... yesterday I thought for sure it must be Friday! But nope, it was today ! So I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday !

 My Bailey is so obsessed with being behind the curtain! He usually likes to look out the window and no matter what I do, pulling the curtain to the right, pulling it to the left, leaving it shut, or pulling as much aside as I can, he HAS to get right behind the curtain! He gets fur and dog drool/goobers all over it and  I can't keep up with cleaning it ! In this pic, I had just asked him, "what are you doing, silly boy!"

I found some great books read online ! I guess the Screen Actors Guild set up this youtube channel with some fun actors reading great stories. My favorite video is my favorite because its a new book I never heard of - Pigasso and Mootise - but boy, is the actor who reads is a cutie - Eric Close.

# 3
I was looking for a picture of my dad and my doggie together and I found his puppy album. I found this crazy funny picture of one of my friends holding Bailey - puppy Bailey ! Bailey was about five months here at the most !

#4  It's Facebook Frenzy time ! The wonderful Heather from  Creation Castle has organized another fabulous freebie frenzy. You can get dozens of freebies just by visiting and linking some fabulous Facebook pages. Click the image below to head to my page and start the frenzy and download my freebie - Fall Synonym Fun!

 #5 Let's see - can I get a #5 in here correctly, unlike last week when I wrote # 4 twice and didn't even notice?
We have had a unusually warm September so far, but the nights are getting so cold here in New England. Summer weather is my favorite so it gets me kind of sad but I know many of you love fall and winter so now it's your time to enjoy the weather! I just hope the snow is not as bad this year and that we don't get 6 snow days !

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