First Full Week of School's Five for Friday

Hey everyone! The first week of school (well , full week) has come to a close and I went home exhausted and with a headache! I fell sound asleep at 7:30 for an hour and feel much better. It was a very challenging day to end the week, but now its time to relax a little (until Sunday when I get back to school work)! So here is my 5 for Friday this week. I linked up again with Doodle bug teaching!

I joined Primary Chalkboard to share "The Best Freebie I ever Created". I decided on my most recent freebie, my Turkey-licious Place Value freebie. Click on the image below to head over to grab it and get the other terrific freebies!

 In the mail the other day I got a fabulous birthday gift from my good friend Jenney! She is such a doll! She knows EXACTLY what I like ! And what did I have after I woke up at 830 pm tonight? A margarita on the rocks with salt! thanks, Jenney!

Getting the year started right with math! My class just did a bunch of fun activities from Mrs. Lemons' Let's Get Started pack, a beginning of the year math pack for second graders. I LOVE everything she comes up with! Here's a shot of a couple of their mathematicians - so cute!

Here's a link to Mrs. Lemons' blog post explaining the activities: click here

# 4
I got an idea from Pinterest to get a class mascot - here is his picture and yes his name is "Mawnster", a pun on my name! The kiddos love him! I got him on Amazon - click here to check him out!

# 4
It has been hot here - I am used to it being REALLY hot in my classroom - like if it is 90 degree outside it will usually get to be above 90 by 3:30 (dismissal time). It is like an oven up there on the second floor. But this year someone in the room requires a/c so I had that crazy room a/c which I thought helped...but with the 22 kids and 2 teachers in the room all day, even with it cranking, this was the situation at lunchtime yesterday:

At dismissal time? 92 degrees in the room with the a/c on. After checking my colleagues rooms, they were about the same. Oh well! Again, I can handle the heat in there as I have been for years - I just feel badly that it is not helping the way it is supposed to. I was gonna say, well, we should be ok until the spring since it is fall in New England but looks like it will be up in the 80s next week so I guess it's a work in progress!

I hope everyone has a restful weekend and see you soon!


  1. Hot rooms are no fun! Our rooms have been really hot this year - it makes the afternoons rough. I hope yours cools down soon!

    1. Thanks Kelly ! I think it will! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Margaritas....yummmmmmm! My friend has the Margaritaville blender and I drool over it whenever I visit her house!
    Excited to see that you're also from New England. Gotta love our crazy fluctuations in weather. Air conditioning one day and sweatshirts the next.

    I've seen you on the TpT forum. Happy to finally read your blog through Five for Friday!

    The Rungs of Reading

    1. Hi Stacy ! I am so glad I found five for friday too. Its such a fun way to learn about other bloggers - plus I like that folks include non school related stuff too!