Freebie Preview of my Halloween Themed Place Value Activity Pack

Hi everyone ! I made up a packet to help my second graders practice the CCSS 2.NBT.2 and 2.NBT.4 on place value. It's over at my Teachers Notebook shop here and my Teachers Pay Teachers store here- but I have a freebie for you from it! It's one of the fun cut and paste activities for children to practice comparing numbers! Click on the images below to get it from My Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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These Teachers will Treat you... with a $50 Amazon and $50 Target Gift Card Giveaway

My bloggy buddy Sarah from Teaching Resources for the Classroom and I are running a fun gift card giveaway! As a thank you to our hardworking teacher readers, we have a giveaway where you can win a $50 Amazon gift card or a $50 Target gift card ! It's easy to enter just check out the rafflecopter below. Many of you are already following our blogs so that's two easy entries! (thanks to Thistle Girl Designs for the clip art and Kyp McLaren for the border)

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And.. here is my Five for Friday, I have linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching who hosts this great linky!Click on the image to head to her blog and see all the other folks who have linked up.

 # 1This was me on Sunday, and then Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday; even though I only felt a little better I dragged myself into work on Wednesday. Made it through the day with the kids but could not last through the 3 hour professional development time. I went home, fell asleep and feel better today. Have any of you gotten sick yet this year? I fear it because I got really sick last year and missed 5 days :( of work and some people (not saying who..) complained to the administration about my absences.  I was so upset, I felt bad enough missing days and feeling so sick... I was almost in tears in the office discussing it and asking why a sick teacher cannot stay home and get better.

#2 The Massachusetts teacher evaluation system.. it has totally changed and is very complex although it is better than it was before. I was busy reading pp. 1-65 of a packet of info about it last night. I am still confused about a bunch of things. Eek!

#3 It wouldn't be a 5 for Friday without.... a pic of the pooch. Here's one from the other day. It's hard to be a big dog. Doesn't his head look ginormous?

#4 I was cat sitting this week too and I brought some papers to correct. Here is Jack attempting to prevent me from correcting and pay attention to him.

#5 Hopefully tomorrow I (and the class) will be done will all of the back to school tests and assessments - DIBELS, MAZE, 4 part math test, writing prompt... thank goodness. Sigh of relief! How long did it take you to finish all the beginning of year assessments with your class?

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

TGIF! Five for Friday

What a week! Any of you agree? 2nd full week of school, a Monday morning meeting, Open House... yesterday I thought for sure it must be Friday! But nope, it was today ! So I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday !

 My Bailey is so obsessed with being behind the curtain! He usually likes to look out the window and no matter what I do, pulling the curtain to the right, pulling it to the left, leaving it shut, or pulling as much aside as I can, he HAS to get right behind the curtain! He gets fur and dog drool/goobers all over it and  I can't keep up with cleaning it ! In this pic, I had just asked him, "what are you doing, silly boy!"

I found some great books read online ! I guess the Screen Actors Guild set up this youtube channel with some fun actors reading great stories. My favorite video is my favorite because its a new book I never heard of - Pigasso and Mootise - but boy, is the actor who reads is a cutie - Eric Close.

# 3
I was looking for a picture of my dad and my doggie together and I found his puppy album. I found this crazy funny picture of one of my friends holding Bailey - puppy Bailey ! Bailey was about five months here at the most !

#4  It's Facebook Frenzy time ! The wonderful Heather from  Creation Castle has organized another fabulous freebie frenzy. You can get dozens of freebies just by visiting and linking some fabulous Facebook pages. Click the image below to head to my page and start the frenzy and download my freebie - Fall Synonym Fun!

 #5 Let's see - can I get a #5 in here correctly, unlike last week when I wrote # 4 twice and didn't even notice?
We have had a unusually warm September so far, but the nights are getting so cold here in New England. Summer weather is my favorite so it gets me kind of sad but I know many of you love fall and winter so now it's your time to enjoy the weather! I just hope the snow is not as bad this year and that we don't get 6 snow days !

Freebie plus the Grammar Pack is a Daily Deal - 40% off

Hi everyone ! Just a quick hello to say that a) I did not fall of the face of the earth- I have just been so busy back to school I haven't been able to blog much.

b) The Grammar Pack is a Teacher's Notebook Daily Deal so it is 40% off just today, Sep. 16! That means it costs only $1.20. Woo! I also put it on sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store just for today. You can go see it at TPT here or click the image to be taken to my Teachers Notebook shop! Monday is almost over everyone-phew!

c) I linked up with the fab Charity Preston at Manic Monday/Classroom Freebies and Freebie Friday at Teaching Blog Addict and have for you this Fall Frames and Arrows product! Even if you do not do Everyday Math which is where the Frames and Arrows come from, it is a great way to work on computation and problem solving simultaneously! Click on the image below to grab it from my store!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Freebie Fridays

Have a restful night !

First Full Week of School's Five for Friday

Hey everyone! The first week of school (well , full week) has come to a close and I went home exhausted and with a headache! I fell sound asleep at 7:30 for an hour and feel much better. It was a very challenging day to end the week, but now its time to relax a little (until Sunday when I get back to school work)! So here is my 5 for Friday this week. I linked up again with Doodle bug teaching!

I joined Primary Chalkboard to share "The Best Freebie I ever Created". I decided on my most recent freebie, my Turkey-licious Place Value freebie. Click on the image below to head over to grab it and get the other terrific freebies!

 In the mail the other day I got a fabulous birthday gift from my good friend Jenney! She is such a doll! She knows EXACTLY what I like ! And what did I have after I woke up at 830 pm tonight? A margarita on the rocks with salt! thanks, Jenney!

Getting the year started right with math! My class just did a bunch of fun activities from Mrs. Lemons' Let's Get Started pack, a beginning of the year math pack for second graders. I LOVE everything she comes up with! Here's a shot of a couple of their mathematicians - so cute!

Here's a link to Mrs. Lemons' blog post explaining the activities: click here

# 4
I got an idea from Pinterest to get a class mascot - here is his picture and yes his name is "Mawnster", a pun on my name! The kiddos love him! I got him on Amazon - click here to check him out!

# 4
It has been hot here - I am used to it being REALLY hot in my classroom - like if it is 90 degree outside it will usually get to be above 90 by 3:30 (dismissal time). It is like an oven up there on the second floor. But this year someone in the room requires a/c so I had that crazy room a/c which I thought helped...but with the 22 kids and 2 teachers in the room all day, even with it cranking, this was the situation at lunchtime yesterday:

At dismissal time? 92 degrees in the room with the a/c on. After checking my colleagues rooms, they were about the same. Oh well! Again, I can handle the heat in there as I have been for years - I just feel badly that it is not helping the way it is supposed to. I was gonna say, well, we should be ok until the spring since it is fall in New England but looks like it will be up in the 80s next week so I guess it's a work in progress!

I hope everyone has a restful weekend and see you soon!

I'm Having a Big Birthday Sale!

Hey everyone! My birthday is tomorrow! I am not very excited about it though - kind of down in the dumps actually - but I figure even if I can't get excited about it, I can make it at least a tiny bit exciting for some other people - specifically my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook followers. If you have had your eye on something in one of my shops, maybe now is the time to snag it! For my birthday, I am having a two day big birthday sale - everything in my store is $1, $2 and $3 off (well, everything that is at least $1.75 or more! My cheapest items will be on sale for 80 cents) ! To head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to see everything, click on the image below. For my Teachers Notebook store, click here. Below the sale image I will a pic of my newest item, Lovely Ladybug Place Value. I look forward to using it with my second graders soon! I also will give you a peek at the covers of 2 of my seasonal items for place value. Clicking on any image will bring you to my TPT store, however you can also get them at TN.

Also, here are a couple of my favorite books for kids about birthdays or related to birthdays! I love love love books so now I am feeling a little more excited ! Click on the images to go to Amazon to see more about the books. My favorite of all? A Birthday for Frances! Remember the Chompo Bar and how she squeezed it and sang one of her little songs?

First Five for Friday of the School Year

I have linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. I love doing this and reading what all of you have chosen for your Five for Friday!

#1 A little reflecting...
The first week of school is over! I still forget how exhausting it can be. I have to explain everything to the little kiddos and usually multiple times. It is a lot of routine building and classroom management but if you put in the time at the beginning of the year it is worth it. Overall we are off to a very good start!

#2 Tired, so Tired!

#3 Friends
 When things are stressing me  out or I just need something low key, I put on an episode of Friends. Right now I am watching the episode when Chandler and Ross go to Vermont and Ross gets crazy with maple candy. This show just cracks me up! I also love the blooper reels. This one is great, especiallly around 1:37 when Lisa Kudrow and Matt Leblanc can't stop laughing!

#4 Clutter Free Classroom
Have you seen her blog? She has some terrific ideas! One of the most popular posts and products she has is a great guide to getting super organized in your classroom! I also like and bought her product to help your class clean up and have fun at the end of the day which you can check out here:

Check out her blog by clicking in her button below.
Clutter-Free Classroom

#5 Someone (and not me) did not want to get up on the first day of school. Here he is after I have gotten all dressed and ready to take him outside:

Have a restful weekend everyone!