Teacher Week '13 - Classroom Digs Tuesday

I'm back for Tuesday's topic which is all about your Classroom Digs! Be sure to click on the Teacher Week '13 button to visit some other teachers who linked up!

Oh no, when I saw this topic I kind of panicked! Our last day of school was June 26 and I have not been in the classroom since! No current pictures to show you. So instead I will dig through my photos from the last 5  years to show a few things that are at least related to teaching!.  I also have a few things from when I was in second grade ! I also will certainly be making sure I take lots of pix this year!

First, is a picture of me from second grade. I was on my first ever Disney Trip and obviously thrilled! 

  Secondly, here are a couple things I 
found from back when I was a second grader.. letter to Santa (we will be really good)!

And apparently I was really into writing these Frogine stories. Frogine, the main character was a crossing guard but she doesn't look like a frog! 

Here's a picture from about 4 years ago when I had a Rock and Roll Theme. Each cd has a student's name on it.

When I had that theme, I made each kid a card like this for the job chart. The idea and template were from Beth Newingham. I can't show you any of the kids but here's one I made for fun  for Bailey!

Now a few years ago I came back to the classroom after the summer and found this! During the summer they move all the furniture out of the room and clean and apparently had to move the computer monitor (these are the monitors I had until 2 years ago); What better place than the sink?!

Speaking of Bailey, here he is a few years ago supervising as I made a lot of games from the FCRR website. If you haven't seen their resources, it's worth a look!
A few years ago I was cleaning out the second grade closet in the hall and found these gems from the 1990s. There was a filmstrip too!

 Here's a picture of me drawn by a student! I have fancy shoes!

And finally some cute student work. Describing what was  happening here: "I set candles on the table. We have a romantic dinner". Too cute!

Check back tomorrow when I link up for the topic "Now Teach: Organizing for Instruction"


  1. Interesting Bex,I like your rock and roll theme