Seven Super Fall Books for Kiddos

It's almost that time again! The days are a little shorter and the nights are a little cooler. In the classroom you may be pulling out those books about fall. Whether or not it's part of your curriculum, curious kiddos will often pick up a book to learn about the seasons. Here are a few ideas for your classroom.

Fall Weather -Cooler Temperature is organized and helpful to your instruction as a teacher but also colorful and appealing to your students.

Why do Leaves Change Color has been in my second grade library for years! Great accompaniment to our science curriculum.

Very good for kids as young as 2!

                                       Oh my gosh, who doesn't love what Lois Ehlert does?

This book may not be in print right now but you can still get it Amazon. Has some information on what happens to animals in the winter.

Fall Harvests Bringing in Food: I like the twist on this fall book where they are looking at what food is ready in the fall and what a harvest is.

Very sweet little board book for the wee ones!

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