My First Monday Made it Linkup!

Finally I am joining the Monday Made it Linky party with 4th Grade Frolics!
This is a two -parter but it won't be loog since I already mentioned these projects a few days ago. First is my super cute toolkit.

I bought the toolbox at Home Depot. It was call stack on or something. I had looked around for ideas on Pinterest and blogs and found this blog post at I'm Lovin Lit. I spray painted mine white and then snagged some super cute purple labels during the TPT sale from Kristen Doyle - you can see them here. The labels are great and editable so I added and changed a few to meet my needs. I also, as you can see left a couple drawers blank. Today I figured out what was going to go in there so now I can make those labels. Used some double sided tape from Wal-Mart ( but they were only selling the tape in pairs - I didn't need two but it was cheaper to buy two than a single one..) and attached the labels inside the drawers. Super cute and I think will help me be more organized. Here it is...

Next is my file cabinet do over which I forgot to photograph before, but it looked kind of like the before picture in this one: 

Gray, old, dusty and rusty! I looked for ideas and things like this caught my eye:

But... I was pretty sure I couldn't manage that. I am so not artistic. I had some extra purple paint so first I cleaned and removed the drawers and spray painted them purple. Then I put painters tape on the inside edges and spray painted the front white. The sides and top had been covered with marble looking contact paper (now this file cabinet was a hand me down from the HS when they knocked it down to build a new one - I got it around 2002 so I can't imagine how old it was then - I am thinking it is maybe 30 years old). I tried to peel off the contact paper with little success. It was coming off terribly. I started using a sanding block which helped but I realized it would take me FOREVER to get all the old contact paper off. So I enlisted my mom. I bought some white contact paper (hard to find by the way, just plain white didn't seem to be anywhere until I went to Home Depot). My mom came to school and we measured and cut the contact paper and did a tag team application. There were some rough spots where the old contact paper had bubbled or wrinkled but overall it came out great! It cheers up the corner next to my desk!


  1. I also made a Teacher's Toolbox this weekend! Your looks fabulous! I love the designs :)

    Mindful Rambles