Follow up - Fun Books for Addition

Hey all ! I have that  fun new addition and subtraction activity pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook store for you. Below I have a peek at the cover. If you click on it you can see it at my TPT store. If you prefer Teachers Notebook, click here. I wanted to follow up with a few suggestions of great math trade books you could use when you teach addition so I have shared a couple of ideas below. I am sure I forgot a good one or you may know one that's not on the list so please comment and tell what math book you like to use for addition.

Here is the cover: It is officially titled Fall Themed Addition and Subtraction Story Problem Pack.

Here are some children's math literature that go well with addition lessons. Click on the pics to get details from Amazon.

I love these Brian Cleary Books.
They are so colorful and fun, plus they are informative for the kiddos. Now I have had Brian Cleary books in my room for a lot of years, but just now typing his name, I wonder - is he related to Beverly Cleary, or just a coincidence?


12 Ways to Get to 11 by Eve Merriam

Hershey Kisses Addition Book by Jerry Pallotta


Pigs Will be Pigs: Fun with Math and Money by Amy Axelrod
 I had a few kids who LOVED pigs last year and they enjoyed this book.

The m&m's Counting Book by Barbara McGrath I used to use this with real m&m's but sadly district rules prohibit that now. Oh well! The little ones still enjoy this book even without the actual candy!

Each Orange had Eight Slices by Paul Giganti

Have a restful Sunday night, everyone!


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