Fall Themed Addition and Subtraction Story Problems

As I am getting back to school, I am planning to work harder on story problems. They are always so tough - combining reading with problem solving and addition and subtraction (in second grade). I decided to supplement what I usually do with some new activities and they are all ready to share with you here. My new Fall Themed Addition and Subtraction Story Problems are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook stores and I am going to offer them at half price until the end of the weekend (Sunday at 9 pm EST). Here is a peek at the cover! Click on it to see the pack at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Link to my Teachers Notebook shop will be at the end of the post.
I included some addition, subtraction, and mixed practice pages where students have a little bit of room to write tallies, draw pictures or anything else that may help them. They also would write the answer in the box and they would need to remember to include the unit. Always something that needs practice! I differentiated these so that there are addition problems with sums 0-18  and 0-24 as well as slightly easier and harder subtraction problems.

 I also included some multiple choice problems which would be good for a quick assessment or just a change of pace. Something to watch out for is that sometimes, one of the answers will be what what the student would get if the did the opposite operation. For example, 6+4= might have the answer choice 2 because 6-4=2 . I find it good if that comes up to use it as a discussion point.

My school uses Everyday Math so I included some story problems where students would need to practice completing the diagrams they use in their math journal. Anyone can use these diagrams though. Check the answer keys and you should be able to help your kiddos complete them. I included part-part-total and quantity-quantity-difference practice.

You get a variety of homework pages - addition, subtraction, and mixed practice.
I love cut-and-glue activities! It seems the little cherubs could always use some fine motor practice and it seems a good way to combine that with some skill work. The students cut out the story problems and the answer cards and match them up, gluing them on an answer sheet.

I also included a game for students to try. All they need is a 1-6 die and it can even be an indpeendent activity. 
Well, I hope these story problems activities help you and your kiddos. Click here to see it at my Teachers Notebook shop. Remember, half price until Sunday night !

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