5 for Friday

It's 5 for Friday Time again! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you my 5 for this week!

#1 I was in the classroom for five days in a row - not teaching, just setting up things. I had some great help from my mom who deserves an award! Between the two of us I did my usual setting up of things but also got to redo a couple of bulletin boards. I also have to move my morning meeting area :( because that weird room a/c ( :) ) was in the area where the kids used to sit on the rug. The stuff I ordered for my new morning meeting location like a new calendar and such didn't arrive in time but I did get some things done. Here is a shot of my almost done organization area! I was inspired by Schoolgirl style and I did buy her organization signs (I hadn't finished stapling them when I took the pic. You can find Schoolgirl style here.

Look what I found when I was looking through boxes ! LOL ! Not much else to say but they do have a new album out (I saw them on the Talk this summer promoting it). I want it that way!

#3 My  Saint Bernard stressed me out this week when he stopped eating again. Luckily a day and a half later when I put out some white fish and rice (instead of the chicken and pasta he'd been getting), he chowed down! Here he is having a stressful day while I moved furniture around the living room to rearrange things and cleaned.

#4 Walking Dead season 3 came out on DVD and I have been watching the commentaries -  I already saw the entire season and love to check out the behind the scenes stuff on them. I must say though I wish there were more - only 5 of 16 episodes had commentaries and I do love Michonne, but why were three commentaries with her and one with Merle but no other actors were on any commentaries? :( I am psyched for season 4 starting in October. Here's my favorite character - no one comes between Daryl Dixon and his cross bow!

#5 Copy machines ! argh! I was hoping to get at least a few things copied for the first day back when I was in school but the one machine in the office was being used (and its very slow anyway) and our main copy machine is on the dock and it was roped off because they waxed the floor. Now I am having stress worrying about trying to copy everything I need for the first day or two of school on Tuesday with every single other teacher in my building also needing to do the same. It was Wednesday when I was last in, and I could have gone in Thursday morning but I didn't want to drive all the way there in hopes of using it only to be let down! Starting Thu. at noon the school was closed anyway and remains closed until Tuesday. Aargh! Don't you have a lot of copy machine stress during the school year? Often I go down and this is what is happening:

Oh well! What can you do, right?

I hope everyone is having a super restful weekend, especially those of you who went back to school last week!


  1. My husband and I just started watching Walking Dead on Netflix! We are on season 2 and love it! We're trying to catch up so that when the new season starts we can watch it!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

    1. Awesome! You have 6 weeks until it starts so I bet you can catch up! Exciting stuff! I don't know why some of these actors don't get nominated for Emmys (Andrew Lincoln as Rick for ex, especially in season 3 - you'll see!) . :-)

  2. I hate copy machine breakdowns; they stress all of us out. Lucky to have mom's help! :)