I Have a Deal for You on my Back to School Kit

Good morning everyone!
I uploaded my new product, the Second Grade Back to School Starter Kit to Teachers' Notebook and just in time - today it is one of Teachers Notebook's Daily Deals!   FYI I have some activities in this Starter Kit modified so you can also use them with first and third graders, or to differentiate with the second graders.  It is correlated to the Common Core Frameworks so you can find out just what you will be addressing.

Something you should know is that the full price of this product is going to be $10, as you may have seen on my Teachers Pay Teachers store but since it's new, I discounted it to $5.50, but I could not figure out how to show it as "discounted" on Teachers Notebook. Anyway, that means it's an additional 40% off of $5.50 so if I did my math correct, it's $3.30. For almost 60 pages of fun and useful back to school activities and assessments! When this Starter Kit is full price, it will be ten bucks so think about snagging it now!

If you want more details, I showed some sample pages, gave details and more on my blog post here.  If you want to see it on Teacher's Notebook, click the image.


  1. Thank you so much for putting this on sale! I can't wait to use it this year! This is going to be my first year teaching second grade so this will be a BIG help!
    Jaime Riffle

    1. Jaime, I am super excited that this may help my fellow second grade teachers! Hopefully some of my other blog posts and facebook posts help out too !
      Best wishes!