A Glimpse into Some Geometry Ideas

Summer is flying by for me ! I can't believe we have been out of school almost a whole month already. Where does the time go? And some of you are going back soon. I know a bunch of folks who start next week but I know they got out of school in May whereas we were slogging along trying so hard to keep kids interested until June 26.

 Well, for those of you teaching primary grades math, beginning geometry is a big part of your curriculum. I found some fun resources around the web for teaching geometry. For your very young students, Pre-K and K perhaps, check out this lesson on triangles at the Kids activity Blog. Click the image to see the lesson.

Here is a post over at Scholastic about ways to make Geometry memorable. I like the kinesthetic element to some of there. Again, click the image to go to the link.

You can also take a look at my Geometry Pack over at my Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook store. The second image shows which Common Core standard  the activities align with and a list of the topics that are addressed. I created it to help my second graders but it will certainly work for younger and older students, depending on their needs. Click on the image to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to see more details. If you'd prefer my Teachers Notebook shop, click HERE.

Here are some other books and resources that either I have used or I have seen in use in other classrooms. They can all be found at amazon.com, just click the images. Do you have any fun ways you teach geometry? Please let me know!

The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns - Who doesn't love this book?

Mummy Math by Cindy Neuschwander: The Zills family get embroiled in an ancient mystery but can use the geometry skills to solve it and get themselves out of trouble!

Mighty Math ! A fun way to get kids more excited about geometry and other math topics.


Some math manipulatives I have used and can come in handy. The first one is for younger kids.

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