I Have a Deal for You on my Back to School Kit

Good morning everyone!
I uploaded my new product, the Second Grade Back to School Starter Kit to Teachers' Notebook and just in time - today it is one of Teachers Notebook's Daily Deals!   FYI I have some activities in this Starter Kit modified so you can also use them with first and third graders, or to differentiate with the second graders.  It is correlated to the Common Core Frameworks so you can find out just what you will be addressing.

Something you should know is that the full price of this product is going to be $10, as you may have seen on my Teachers Pay Teachers store but since it's new, I discounted it to $5.50, but I could not figure out how to show it as "discounted" on Teachers Notebook. Anyway, that means it's an additional 40% off of $5.50 so if I did my math correct, it's $3.30. For almost 60 pages of fun and useful back to school activities and assessments! When this Starter Kit is full price, it will be ten bucks so think about snagging it now!

If you want more details, I showed some sample pages, gave details and more on my blog post here.  If you want to see it on Teacher's Notebook, click the image.

Getting Started with Prezis: A Guest Post from Susanna of Whimsy Workshop

Hello! I'm Susanna from over at Whimsy Workshop - so happy to be guest posting for Bex! I decided to get a bit techy today and talk about how to use Prezis in your classroom. 

I was introduced to Prezis by the lovely Carolyn over at Holding Hands And Sticking Together
There are so many things you can do with them! 

I found them most useful as a way to organize my online resources. I always have a million websites and youtube videos for teaching various topics, but even when I categorize them in my bookmarks it takes me forever to find the one I was looking for. I usually forget about most of them!  :(

Using a Prezi allows me to toss them all onto a blank canvas and arrange them visually. Then I just click on the one I want and it zooms in for a closer look. It makes me feel like I've turned my computer screen into an ipad!

Check out some of these free Prezis from Carolyn: (click on the picture below)

You can also use Prezis as a slideshow to feature different resources. In this kind of Prezi, rather than clicking on the resource image to zoom in, you click the forward arrow and it plays a slideshow to explore any topic you want. A shout-out to the amazing Jessica at A Turn To Learn who made these fabulous prezis about word families and digraphs. They are FREE - make sure you check them out!


So how do you get started? Here's a quick tutorial.

If you're not into creating yourself, try using some of the many already created Prezis to share with your class! Just go to Prezi.com and type in something you'd like. I typed in "Dr. Seuss" and got hundreds of examples to explore. 

Each of those little bubbles contains information about Dr. Seuss' life or books! Click on the image to see it.

I hope you'll find something inspiring in the freebies I've linked to - I know I will be using them in my classroom this year. 

Thanks to the lovely Bex for inviting me to guest blog today! I'd love for you to visit my blog; you'll find lots of K-3 printables as well as clip art sets! 

Whimsy Workshop Graphics and Printables
Whimsy Workshop on Facebook
Whimsy Workshop at TPT

We have Winners and a New Back to School Starter Kit

The Super Summer Giveaway has officially ended ! We have two lucky winners!

 The winner of Bundle #1 is: Kristi Haggard

 The winner of Bundle #2 is: Laura Schachter

 Check your in boxes ladies !

 Meanwhile back at the homestead I have been madly creating a new product and updating some older ones. My brand new product should really help you get back to school! I used to use this hodgepodge of activities from all different sources during the first few days of second grade. This time I decided to make my own - that way I would have exactly what I needed and was useful and not waste my time or my students' time!

 Here is my new Second Grade Back to School Starter Kit! (Don't worry if you teach first or third grade- I have back to School Starter Kits for you too! Just follow the link to my store and type "Back to School" in the search box)!

New Back to School Starter Kit for Second Grade
Now, I know you can't see the thumbnails too well here, so scroll down for details!

 The official list of activities included is:
Write the Numbers 1-50 in Color and b&w (Write the numbers 1-100 is a separate file in this zip file)
Capital and Lower Case Letter Assessment
Short addition assessment
Short subtraction assessment
Back to School Question Circle
A Friend Like Me Scavenger Hunt
What I Want to Learn About in Second Grade (with and without sentence starters in both Handwriting without Tears lines and regular lines;sentence starters included for first and third grade, too)
Classroom Scavenger Hunt
Chrysanthemum - inspired Name Graph and Questions
Fall Antonym Fun Game
Spelling Assessment

But.. let me give you some visuals and short descriptions for some of them!

I always like to assess handwriting the first day of school so here is a quick little page so you can find out if your students know some of their letters. As you can see I included many of the tricky ones like b and d, q, g and p (I think p is tricky because many of my second graders would write the lower case p sitting on the line instead of dropping down under the line)
New Back to School Starter Kit for Second Grade
I also take a look at counting. It is informative to know if kids find this easy or struggle. Sometimes they might skip a number or you may see backwards numbers which is helpful to know right off the bat. I also have a 1-100 sheet included too as well as a black and white version of this one. I know most of you aren't going to copy this on a color copier for the class!
New Back to School Starter Kit for Second Grade
I love games so yes, I included an antonym game. This is similar to other antonym and synonym games I have but has a back to school theme and some new words.
New Back to School Starter Kit for Second Grade
Books !   In the past, I had the chance to write a letter to students who were going to be in my class and give it to them either at the end of the school year or mail it to them over the summer. I would ask them to pick one book they read this summer and bring it to school on the first day. You could do the same and use that book in this activity. You could also ask students to read a book in the classroom during the first few days of school.

 This activity requires you to pair students up as you see fit. Depending on the student, they may need some assistance from you to complete this activity. I also have a modified version included if you'd like to use it that is shorter and requires less writing.
New Back to School Starter Kit for Second Grade
I teach second grade and every year on the first day of school I read Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. One of the things I do is make a class name graph. I included this page if you wanted students to do their own. Then you can ask questions and do some math with the graph in addition to discussing how everyone's name is unique and  special. 
New Back to School Starter Kit for Second Grade
The kit contains cards for a scavenger hunt that names important locations in many classrooms and common items that children need to be able to find. Directions of how to use them are in the kit. It's a fun first day activity to do pretty early in the day!
New Back to School Starter Kit for Second Grade
Also, if you like long images, looking at some sample pages on this may be right up your alley!
New Back to School Starter Kit for Second Grade

I hope this kit ends up being helpful for some of you as it is for me! You can see it at my Teachers Pay Teacher's store by clicking on any of the images above or click here. The good news? To celebrate back to school it's on sale for almost 50% off! Wow!

Christmas in July!

I know its about 90 and many of you are just in the middle of your summer vacation but... I linked up with Sarah at I Dream of First Grade for her Christmas in July Linky ! I have two products you might like ! The first is something you would do right before Christmas - a Thankful Turkey Craft! Click on the images of it below to the the details and tracers from my TPT store.

Now, I don't have any Christmas specific items for you, but I do have a math products for synonyms. It's a winter themed Synonym Game. Check it out at my tpt store by clicking the image below and be sure to hop over to I Dream of First Grade to see who else linked up!

Super Summer Giveaway and More!

It's 9:30 am and I am sitting here waiting for my super lazy Saint Bernard to get up to go outside. He hasn't been out yet! This is not new news - he is so low energy this happens regularly now that he is older! While I wait I wanted to be sure to tell you about my bloggy buddy Mrs. Leeby's awesome giveaway. She reached  600 followers and has tons of cool stuff to giveaway! She is giving away lots of items from her store and gift cards to places like Target (for back to school supplies?) and Chipotle (for fuel to get going on back to school stuff?) ! Click on her blog button to head over there and you will see her giveaway. Only one day left!

Now, over at the Teaching Tribune I found a mega giant 10 day blog hop. You get 20 freebies from wonderful bloggers and there are 10 awesome prizes over 10 days inclduing a Nexus Tablet, laminator, gift baskets and more! Click on their button below to go there.

I don't want to forget to remind you about my own Reading and Writing Redhead's Super Summer Giveaway! I was so thrilled earlier this month to realize I had gotten 200 followers of my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, Facebook Page and my blog!Of course, to celebrate, I thought why not give back to all you wonderful followers with a super giveaway. I reached out to my fellow teacher sellers and am excited to let you know that I have 28 donations! I have split them up into two bundles. The first prize pack is all winner's choices. If you win this one you can pick an item of your choice from each of these stores! Prize Pack 2 is filled with amazing stuff- reading, math, and more! All sorts of things to get you ready for back to school! These folks are all donating an item of your choice from their Teachers Pay Teachers Store:

Bundle # 1 
Each of these teachers are offering you a winner's choice from their store!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
                                                            Bundle #2
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                                                                 Elementary Matters

                                                      Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings

                              3rd Grade Theatrics/Digraphs, Decimals and Discoveries

                                                               2 Peas and a Dog

                                                    Saddle up for Second Grade

                                                            Teaching with Nancy

                                                   Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

                                                            Differentiation Station

                                                          Teaching Treehouse

                                                       Once Upon a Classroom

                                                      Comprehension Connection

A Glimpse into Some Geometry Ideas

Summer is flying by for me ! I can't believe we have been out of school almost a whole month already. Where does the time go? And some of you are going back soon. I know a bunch of folks who start next week but I know they got out of school in May whereas we were slogging along trying so hard to keep kids interested until June 26.

 Well, for those of you teaching primary grades math, beginning geometry is a big part of your curriculum. I found some fun resources around the web for teaching geometry. For your very young students, Pre-K and K perhaps, check out this lesson on triangles at the Kids activity Blog. Click the image to see the lesson.

Here is a post over at Scholastic about ways to make Geometry memorable. I like the kinesthetic element to some of there. Again, click the image to go to the link.

You can also take a look at my Geometry Pack over at my Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook store. The second image shows which Common Core standard  the activities align with and a list of the topics that are addressed. I created it to help my second graders but it will certainly work for younger and older students, depending on their needs. Click on the image to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to see more details. If you'd prefer my Teachers Notebook shop, click HERE.

Here are some other books and resources that either I have used or I have seen in use in other classrooms. They can all be found at amazon.com, just click the images. Do you have any fun ways you teach geometry? Please let me know!

The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns - Who doesn't love this book?

Mummy Math by Cindy Neuschwander: The Zills family get embroiled in an ancient mystery but can use the geometry skills to solve it and get themselves out of trouble!

Mighty Math ! A fun way to get kids more excited about geometry and other math topics.


Some math manipulatives I have used and can come in handy. The first one is for younger kids.


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A New Day and a New FLASH Freebie to Thank You

Today I woke up and was overwhelmed (in a good way) with new Facebook followers ! I am extremely appreciative of everyone who headed over to my facebook page in the last few days and "liked" it! I decided to offer a Flash Freebie until 10pm EST tonight - my Antonyms Summer Fun! I also decided to discount all of my items to either $1.00 or $2.00 (except for those that were already $1). stop over to my tpt store to check them out. The discount will be in place until 10pm EST tonight - I extended it! If you would like to snag my Summer Fun Antonyms click on the image below. If you would like to look at the deeply discounted items in my store, click HERE.

Also DON"T FORGET, I am having a Super Summer Giveaway! Thanks to over 2 dozen wonderful teachers, I have two huge prize packs that you might win. The info is in this blog post here as well as the rafflecopter so you can enter if you like!