A Freebie and How Can it be Almost MAY?

Hey all, can you believe it is almost May? Me neither? We start 2 weeks of achievement tests this week and because we had so many school days, school doesn't end until June 26th now. I gotta say, it stresses me a bit and makes me worried for the little guys too, especially in math. Math starts tomorrow and we are a solid unit (maybe 10 lessons) behind where we were last year when the math achievement tests were given. That means we haven't gotten to capacity and weight in the measurement unit yet. Just barely began measuring length. Ugh! Poor kiddos. I hope there are not too many of those.

 Anyway I can't worry too much about it right now! I have lots of other stuff to do tonight.

Meanwhile, I have a freebie for you! Head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook store and pick up my featured freebie, the Superstar Antonyms game. This time of year is always great for games. Print, cut and go! Enjoy! And please stop over at Classroom Freebies and Teaching Blog Addict's Freebie Friday and see what else there is for you!

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