A Freebie and How Can it be Almost MAY?

Hey all, can you believe it is almost May? Me neither? We start 2 weeks of achievement tests this week and because we had so many school days, school doesn't end until June 26th now. I gotta say, it stresses me a bit and makes me worried for the little guys too, especially in math. Math starts tomorrow and we are a solid unit (maybe 10 lessons) behind where we were last year when the math achievement tests were given. That means we haven't gotten to capacity and weight in the measurement unit yet. Just barely began measuring length. Ugh! Poor kiddos. I hope there are not too many of those.

 Anyway I can't worry too much about it right now! I have lots of other stuff to do tonight.

Meanwhile, I have a freebie for you! Head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook store and pick up my featured freebie, the Superstar Antonyms game. This time of year is always great for games. Print, cut and go! Enjoy! And please stop over at Classroom Freebies and Teaching Blog Addict's Freebie Friday and see what else there is for you!

Clicking on the pic sends you to get it at my TPT store but you may also go over to my Teacher's Notebook shop here to get it. 

Freebie Fridays

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Snag that Grammar Pack for 40% off - less than 3 hours left!

Less than 3 hours left to grab my Grammar Pack ( great for grades 1, 2, 3 ) for 40% off for today only! If your kiddos need some extra practice with skills like quotation marks or apostrophes, you might want to snag it! Click the image below to take a closer look and to maybe snag it! I also decided to slash the price of it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. If you'd rather get it there, the link is at the bottom, but TN members please check it out there first! Thanks ! :-)

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DAILY DEAL - 40% off my Editing Practice Pack just today!

I won a daily deal at Teachers  Notebook! My Editing Practice Pack is 40% off!. Click the image or  follow the link to check it out!


Sorry this is so short, I'm in a rush right now. :)


A Few More Hours of my Pencil Sharpener Giveaway!

Only a few more hours to enter my Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener Giveaway! It is that pencil sharpener that everyone has been talking about!

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My Guest Post at Diving into Learning!

Jen from Diving into Learning, one of my new bloggy friends, has made live the guest post I did for her! She, as you may remember, had an awesome post on my blog last week about easy to make file folder games. See that post here ! Now my post about teaching social skills with literature is up at her blog. Click here or on the picture of one of the books I use below. You can also go to her homepage by clicking her blog button below. Thank you Jen!

                          Joy Berry's books have been great for working on social skills.
                                         Click the pic to go to my blog post.

How about a Free Printable for Cause and Effect?

It's almost Monday ! Time to join everyone in the Manic Monday linky at Classroom Freebies! Would you like a Cause and Effect printable for your kiddos to practice those skills? No prep, just print and copy ! Follow the link below to grab it from either of my teacher stores and be sure to go to Classroom Freebies to see all the other super things teachers are offering this week!

Also, don't forget I am running a giveaway for one of those awesome Classroom Friendly pencil Sharpeners! Yes, the ones everyone has been raving about!  Go here to the blog post where you can enter that giveaway.
THE GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! Thanks to all who participated!
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 Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


Head over to either my tpt on tn stores! For the next 24 hours only, I am having a flash sale on my top three sellers!  My most expensive item of the three, the Geometry Pack is 40% off ! My other two most popular items, Writing Collection and Grammar Pack are 30% and 35% off. Links are here and below are some screen shots of the products.

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Teacher Lisa has 200 Followers ! Giveaway Time!

Lisa is excited to start her giveaway! The lovely lady has 200 followers at The Elementary Cottage ! I donated my second grade writing pack but there are also 7 other awesome prizes! Thanks for including me. You can get there by clicking here or you cn see her homepage by hitting her blog button below!

Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener Giveaway!

Everyone! I lucked out and the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies, the maker of the quietest pencil sharpener ever, agreed to donate one to a lucky winner of this giveaway! Look around the internet and you will find many, many people raving about this sharpener. It is manual, but quiet. It is sturdy and dependable. It sharpens pencils to a long, sturdy point and does colored pencils too. It also has a great auto stop on it. It won't disrupt your lesson like those electric sharpeners and I am sure you and your kiddos will love it! Head over to Classroom Friendly Supplies to take a closer look. The Giveaway starts April 11 (tonight) at midnight and runs until April 18 !

 There are a bunch of ways to enter the giveaway. Take a look at the rafflecopter and decide which ones you'd like to try!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Is Your Classroom Pencil Situation Driving You Insane?

So are you seeing lots of these in your classroom?

Are these the sharpeners kids are trying to use to get their pencils ready for the day?

Is your classroom pencil sharpener like this oldie?

Is your electric sharpener always breaking and  really really loud?

Well stay tuned!  I have a surprise coming for you in the next few days !!

Guest Post by Jenna from Diving into Learning

Hi everyone, I'm Jenna from Diving Into Learning! I'm guest blogging here today and I hope that you enjoy my post! Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite items to use for math (and literacy) centers- file folders! I love using file folders to hold games and activities for centers. The folder keeps all of the pieces together, it is easy to store, does not take up a lot of space, plus they can be used for individual or group activities. They are great for individual activities because they will easily fit on a students desk or the student can sit on the floor and hold the game/activity in their lap. File folders are great for group activities as well because it can become the game board, it is durable, and it makes for easy clean up. Here is an example of a file folder game I have for my pre-k students (the activity is not one that I created).
Here is an example of a math activity (this game is not one of my creations).
you can get this game here from TPT
Here is an example of one of my file folder games that I created (it is available here at my TPT store). To make the file folder game, I usually put the title and directions on the front of the cover. Then on the inside I put the game board/sorting mats/whatever needed to play the game/activity. If possible I try to make a pocket to store the pieces as well, or I keep a paperclip with the game to help hold the pieces. 
front of the game with the game pieces
inside of the file folder
after the game is complete
Here is a freebie from my TPT store, Frog Theme Math Game-Sorting Even and Odd Numbers. It can be used as a file folder game or you can laminate the pages to use for the sorting mats. Do you use file folder games/activities in your classroom?

Happy birthday TBA!

Teaching Blog Addict is 2 years old! Happy birthday! Every day I join them by linking up with their Friday Freebie post! Today I am linking up with their HUGE birthday freebie celebration! I hooked up some freebies with the 1st and 2nd grade collection (in which there are already more than 500 freebies!) but there are also links to the 3/4 , PreK/K, and 5/6 grade collections. WOW! Head over as fast as you can and grab some awesome materials from some really creative, talented folks.


Here is the link to the celebration!

Last few hours for the 20% off sale!

Hello! Just a quick FYI that the 20% sale at my tpt and tn stores will be ending at 11:59 pm tonight! Stop by and get some  bargains! Most other sellers' sales have ended or will soon end. Below are the links to the stores and a couple of screen shots of my most popular products.

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