The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs

Greetings all! It's almost Friday! This has been a really long week for me, I don't know how you all feel!

 One thing that lifted my spirits today was the fact that The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs featured my little ol' This is My Week Form on their site. I really love having my students sum up their day as an end of day activity. They also all really seem to want to read their sentences out loud to us. Plus, I often find out little (or big) things I didn't know about like "I did not have a good recess" or "I'm so excited . I'm going skiing this weekend". (Some statements sneak in like that last one that aren't really about that day but I let them slide. Their classmates get to learn about each other from it, too. Check out all of the other resources featured at The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs!

 Also don't forget to check out the awesome prizes at my 100+ Follower Giveaway that JUST launched (Yippee!). Click the link below to go there. Hang in there, almost the weekend!

 Reading and Writing Redhead's 100+ Follower Giveaway


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