Saint Patrick's Day Books

Hi all! Here is a last minute idea or two for St. Patrick's Day Books that I love. The images link to information about them on amazon.

First, Fin M'coull  the Giant of Knockmanny Hill by the amazing Tomie dePaola.
How can you go wrong with him, right? This is based on a legend about a giant and his wife who find a clever way to trick another giant, the famed Cuchillan. And yes, Knockmanny is a real place in Ireland. I spent some time there and can hear in my head that Irish accent saying "Knockmanny".

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning by another amazing author, Eve Bunting
A friend gave this to me. Jamie wants to participate in the St. Patrick's Day parade and festivities but his family says he's too little. Jamie has his own little march and adventure, making for a cute story. It's hard to find this one but amazon has some copies and the used ones in good condition can cost you less than $2.35. This also might be at your local library!

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