100+ Follower Giveaway Winners

Yay! The winners of the 100+ follower giveaway are.... Janine and Rachel! Rachel won Giveaway 1 and Janine won Giveaway 2 ! They are going to get some terrific items. Thanks to all of the folks who donated their items. I will put a link below to each  of their tpt stores so you can see what they have. Thanks everyone! By the way, many sellers are having BIG sales right now so be sure to go over and see what you can snag!

Here is my Teachers Pay Teachers Store
Here is my Teacher's Notebook Shop

Donations from:
Brian Hopkins
Hilary Lewis
Jessica Tobin
Ashley (Primary Teacherhood)
Mary Pitner
Sara Ventrella

Donations from:
Miss Third Grade
Monica Schroeder
Dana Lester
Irene Leeby


  1. Thank you so much! This was a great way to end my spring break!