Organizing all those Games and Centers

I have gotten so many amazing resources and made tons of games but I was thinking "These papers and cards are out of control!" How will I get organized?" (insert panic here)Well I found some cool envelopes at places like Target, Staples, Walmart... and I got to organized. I was thinking of printing some sticky labels out to put on each one.

Last spring I got an idea to store the games I had been making for language arts. This fall I went crazy downloading resources from the talented teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers, Teacher's Notebook, and many amazing blogs! So I had to get serious about organizing. Here's my routine - I am sure some of you already do this, but if not, hopefully this may help you!

With games that are bigger, I use one of these. (the large white poly envelope on the bottom).

For games that are medium in size, I find that pencil bags work well. Here is one I got at target. This works when game cards are not too big and I can shrink down the directions cards or any other materials to fit. Some games of course, need the full-size printout. If I have small materials in the envelope but need copied papers for my students, I attach them with a binder clip.

I found these small, colorful envelopes at Staples and store games that just consist of cards in them. I sometimes shrink directions or I put the directions in a sheet protector and slide these in.

I don't buy every one of these at one specific store but here are some similar products at if you want to investigate further!

Big Poly Envelopes

Medium Size Check Envelopes

Pencil Pouches

Sheet Protectors

Bargain! These seems pretty cheap.:-)


  1. I love all the great resources but my closet was looking quite scary after a while! Thanks for all the tips. I usually teach by theme so I keep everything in a tub for that theme. These pouches will be perfect for my small group and intervention games though!!

  2. Thanks for the organizational ideas. About this time every year, my classroom closets begin to get messy. I am going to give some of the zipper pouches a try!

    Sommer Pride

  3. My intention to organize all my games and centers was good, but no action has taken place yet. Thanks for your organization inspiration. I normally love to organize, but I admit last May I started just throwing things in an every-growing pile. Then, all summer as I made new games...they ended up in the pile. I do have the zipper pouches. Luckily, everything I had done for the other months is in pouches, similar to yours. Thanks for sharing your photos and ideas.
    Oh, How Pintearesting!