Awesome Apps for the Primary Grades/5 Star Blogger Challenge

Hey everyone! I made it safely and on time to Chicago! No layover and good weather will help with that! Since our school got some iPads (5 for my classroom), I have been researching and trying out the apps with my class. We have a ton of free apps so far and some are better than others. So I thought I'd share with you my top three free apps for my second graders (and all the primary grades, really)!


Sushi Monster is super fun! It is a great way to practice facts. The free version comes with addition and s multiplication. A monster sits in the middle of a table and gives you target numbers. You have to select to sushi plates with numbers on it that add up to his number. If you do, he's a happy camper. If not, he gets cranky and throws the food.Click here to see Sushi Monster in the app store!


I will admit, I had signed up and tried out Spelling City well before I even got the iPads and tried the app. I decided to pay for the annual fee because I wanted to try having my kids take their spelling quizzes online. I had three different spelling lists going and it would take me at least a half hour to give them all, then kids would be absent and so on. The app came out and I got right on it. At first we could only seem to use the preset lists such as "yellow words" and homophones. My students weren't able to log in and see their list to practice their own words. However, the kids liked all of the games. The favorite has to be Hang Mouse, a super cute version of hangman. Now, the app has updated and my kids can log in and find their word list and practice with the fun games! Additionally, now they can even take their spelling quizzes on it! An overall home run! Click here to see Spelling City app info or you could just use their online version.



Place Value Cookie Factory was one I found just by searching at the App Store. The game is set so that you are running a cookie factory and given orders to fill. You have a certain amount of time to fill the orders. Single cookies, sleeves of ten, or boxes of 100 are available to use to get to the desired number faster. When you complete an order, a truck sounds like its zooming away! The students are mesmerized by it.Click here to see it in the itunes store  ( there is a free version).

Also, I am joining in the 5 star Blogger Challenge over at The Organized Classroom Blog! Click HERE or on the link below to go see what it takes to be a 5 Star Blogger and see who has linked up!


  1. So excited about the place value game and I loooove sushi monster! Thanks, Bex!

  2. Thanks for the great list of apps. They all look so engaging! Anne

  3. I am going to have to chekc out that cookie factory app! I have a school ipad and my ipad and have found some good apps but mostly through trial and error. Its always good to hear someone else likes an app before you buy!

    1. I'm glad my trying things out could help someone else!