A New Blogger Buddy and I Won :-)

First, I love when I can tell you about all of the other awesome teacher bloggers out there and I have to say-  you have  to head over to see Joey's blog at Create Teach and Share!  She has some great ideas, her blog is really fun, and she has a terrific spirit! She also has a teacher store at TPT where you can check out some things she has created. Click  HERE to check out her blog   and click HERE to check out her store!

Also a couple weeks ago, I was over at Charity Preston's Organized Classroom Blog and there was a post about this great author named Maria Dismondy and her book Potato Chip Champ. I hopped over to her blog (Maria's website design is so cool!) and then her facebook page and thought her writing looked terrific so I entered the giveaway and I was so psyched when I WON! I love the little things like that! Thanks Maria and Charity. Click on The OC Blog Button below to see what's new there. Click HERE for Maria's Blog and HERE for Maria's Facebook page.

A couple reviews from my students:
"I really liked that story!"
"That is a good book. He learned a good lesson about being nice".
"I like the ending"

The OC Blog Button

Finally, I lucked out AGAIN! I won 2 items from Bridget's awesome TPT store which you can find HERE She also has a super blog with a great philosophy. Click on her button below to check it out. Thanks, Bridget !!! Sending you Bloggy love!


  1. Thanks for telling us about these blogs! On my way to check them out!

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