January is Poetry Time in Miss Mawn's Class!

Every January, I start a poetry unit with my class. I read tons of poems and the kids learn to write acrostic poems, cinquains, pyramid poems, rhyming couplet and more. They love it! We then word process the poems (well I do most of that), print and illustrate them, make them into booklets and have a poetry share day where all the parents come in. The kids love reading their poems out loud on that day. Even the shyest of the shy kids usually read! Now that I have started sharing poems with them, I am reminded of of few of my all-time favorite books of poetry. You can click on the pictures below to learn more about each from amazon.

We read a ton of Jack Prelutsky poems. I don;t know when he started being published but there are so many poems and lots of books. He is very, very silly, and his poems have great rhymes. They also have great vocabulary too. Today we read "Sneaky Sue" in which the boy goes to the basement and gets spooked by the "murmurs" on the floor. Someone asked what murmurs were - what a great teachable moment!

Shel Silverstein Is it crazy that I read him when I was a kid in the 1980's? Several kids have been recommending poems from his books to me and they will not let me forget to read them! You know them - hysterical, cute, heartwarming, and even a little dark. It;s not a poem, but he wrote The Giving Tree. What an amazing book!

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