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I am so honored to have the opportunity to have a guest post over at The Organized Classroom Blog! I reflected back on my experiences one particularly challenging year. I hope that if you have a chance to read it that you can take at least one thing from it that helps you. Thank you, Charity Preston for the amazing opportunity! The link to my post is here. Make sure you check out The Organized Classroom Blog too. The OC Blog Button

Favorite book?

If you had to pick one book or book series, what was your favorite book when your were in elementary school? Mine would probably be the whole Little House on the Prairie series. I can remember going to the library and getting home and reading an entire book in an afternoon. I reread the whole series about 8 years ago and they were still great !

Little House on the Prairie : I still remember how she described the building of their log cabin. It was fascinating to me that a bunch of regular people could build a house together. I also loved the descriptions of Pa's fiddle playing and the songs they sang.

The Long Winter: I thought the idea of being totally absolutely snowed in was excited and a little scary. I definitely would not have done well back in Laura's time!

On the Banks of Plum Creek: As a little girl, how cool was the idea of living in a home built into the side of a hill? Scary was the idea of going in a pond and getting leeches stuck to you, though. Ewww!

Little House in the Big Woods Christmas: An endearing Christmas story that describes the simple pleasures of Christmas in the pioneer days. My class loved this one when I read it in December.

Superstar Antonyms Game Freebie

Hello everyone! If you have the day off for Martin Luther King, Jr., enjoy it. If not,have a good day with the kiddos!

I have linked up with Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies and Freebie Friday at Teaching Blog Addicts and am sharing with you my Superstar Antonyms game. It was my first ever teacher product and people seem to be downloading it still! It has 12 antonym cards so it is good for small group work. It is the I Have, Who Has style, which my class really enjoys! Sometimes they ask to play it again and try to be faster. I don't know if they even notice they are working - it just seems fun ! Click here to get it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and if you enjoy Teacher's Notebook, click here to get it from that one! (The image below is the cover from my whole class version, but the only difference in the covers is the small group freebie does not have that line of the cover. I am still somewhat new and can't find any jpegs of my small group version for you)

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Freebie, Freebie, Free-bie!

Do your kiddos need some practice with those pesky plural nouns? All those rules to remember! Try this freebie! I made it for my second graders but take a peek and you may be able to use it for first and third graders too. It's over at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store herem or if you prefer Teacher's Notebook, my store is here.
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Snow Day!

I love a good snow day! I was plenty busy all day today but I was thinking about books I love about snow and thought I'd mention a few here! You may know some, but hopefully I am sharing at least one new book with you. If you want to learn more about a book, click on it's image to get info from amazon.

Snow! by PD Eastman (also the author of Are you my Mother? which I love)
I love the rhymes, the illustrations and the fun descriptions of all the activities they are doing in the snow.

A Winter's Tale: An Original Pop-up Journey
This is no ordinary pop-up book! Gorgeous and fun!

A Snow Day for Hannah
Adorable! I love dogs and so do my students. Hannah the puppy even has her own blog and is on facebook and tweets!

The Snowy Day
I don't have to say much about this, do I? Beautiful and fun!

Snowflake Bentley
I love to give this one as a gift. It is great for anyone fascinated with snow and a great non-fiction connection!

Plural Nouns Resource and a Freebie

I am finally done with my plural nouns resources. I have been working on it for 6 weeks! I used a cute football theme and included things like bingo, activity sheets, matching, and a noun hunt of sorts. Even if you don't want or need it (it's great for grades 1-3 and older ELL students who need more work in the area) feel free to check it out over at my TPT store . I also have a freebie for you that is a sample of the resource. Yay! I set this to post around midnight - a good way to end the day and start tomorrow!

Image of cover of plural nouns resourch

Image of cover of plural nouns freebie

The Story of Ruby Bridges

I have been reading the book The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles to my class for several years. It is so well written and beautifully illustrated. It always sparks a discussion. Usually the kids are horrified at how people were treated so differently just based on their skin color. You can click on the image to find out more about the book at amazon.

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Books for Boys Linky

I have joined up with Swimming into Second Grade for a Books for Boys Linky party! It's so fun. Click on her button below to go to her site and see what other people have posted.

Swimming into Second Grade

Now, some books and series are clearly marketed toward boys. Others are just great books or series that boys in my classes have been interested in. Regardless, for any boy, these would be great books to try in your classroom or at home. Click the images to learn more about the books and how to buy them if you like.

Click Clack Moo and other books by Doreen Cronin

My students all love these books. They find them funny and silly and reread them for fun! When I read them aloud I have their full attention.

Roald Dahl books These books always get good reviews from my students. Boys especially love the stories Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and James and the Giant Peach. Dahl's books are funny, but with hints of darkness that I think some kids find intriguing.

Encyclopedia Brown books

I used to love these mysteries. Oldies but truly great ! Any of them would be a hit, but I do have to warn you, some of the mysteries are tough to solve. Even adults can be challenged by some of them. My students usually learn some new vocabulary too, seeing as though the books were written several decades ago.They love trying to solve each one.

Matt Christopher books The author Matt Christopher has been writing books since my brother was young. He loved sports but did not like reading. Matt Christopher got him interested in these books, often about sports. A current favorite of my students is the soccer one. I have 3 boys in class who are really into soccer.

The Time Warp Trio This is a book series about three boys who can travel back in time. My second graders enjoy the stories, especially ones that deal with pirates and Samurais. A note though, if they have never read a Time Warp Trio book before it might be a slight bit confusing during the first chapter. One we just read about Blackbeard didn't really explain the how they got back in time for a few pages. Once we figured it out though they had a blast reading it!

Black Lagoon Books Silly Silly Silly ! Don't need to say much more but boys seem to really laugh at these (as do the girls too, I can't lie)

Magic Tree House What teacher does not have at least 10 of these in her classroom. Jack and Annie go through time and hit many interesting time periods and go on great adventures. There are also some non-fiction books now for kids who want to learn more about say, the colonial days or the time of the dinosaurs for example.

Geronimo Stilton I only started learning about Geronimo a couple years ago but he has been quickly gaining popularity with both boys and girls. In particular I find reluctant readers enjoy this series.

I hope some of these books are in your collection, but also that maybe a few are new to you! Give them a try!

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