My Guest Post at the Organized Classroom Blog is Live !

I am so honored to have the opportunity to have a guest post over at The Organized Classroom Blog! I reflected back on my experiences one particularly challenging year. I hope that if you have a chance to read it that you can take at least one thing from it that helps you. Thank you, Charity Preston for the amazing opportunity! The link to my post is here. Make sure you check out The Organized Classroom Blog too. The OC Blog Button

Marvelous Monday ?

Marvelous Monday? We shall see! Meanwhile, I have linked up with Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies to share this free item with you.

It's a writing prompt I made for my second graders but could be used with first and third graders too. The topic is : If I was in charge of my house... The kids love writing what they would do differently and its pretty interesting what they say!  I have them write on our Handwriting without Tears paper so this is the prompt and a checklist to remind them about including periods, etc.  Click here to get it. I also have other freebies at my tpt store and lease follow the link to see what other folks have linked up for Manic Monday.

Classroohm Freebies Manic Monday

Mrs Mc's Gigantic Giveaway!!

Hey everyone! Don't forget the amazing giveaway at Mrs. Mc's page! She has TONS of great stuff, including in Giveaway 3, my 2nd Grade Geometry Pack! Only one day left!

Teaching Blog Traffic School

I am so excited to tell you about Teaching Blog Traffic School ! It is a wonderful resource that you can take advantage of by subscribing to for 12 months at a time. The TBTS course offers many ways to enrich your blogging and work as a teacher-entrepreneur.

As a teacher blogger it has been absolutely fabulous! Charity Preston, the creator of TBTS, is a wonderful mentor. She is positive, supportive and amazingly knowledgeable. TBTS offers more than 30 videos (more than 11 hours!) of which you can watch all or some. Personally, I watched every single one. TBTS also has forums, live chats, a mentor program and much more.

I have learned so much - advice, tips, and tricks on creating my blog, marketing, using facebook, twitter and so much more! It also has connected me with so many wonderful other bloggers who have also many terrific ideas to share. The support from the community is also invaluable. I have also been able to grow my teacher-seller business at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook thanks to the TBTS course. Spread over the course of a year, it is less than $5 a month. It is so worth it! Feel free to take a look over at their home page and if you sign up for a membership, you will not regret it!

Teaching Blog Traffic School

Buy One, Get One Free Sale! Yay!

Just today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday January 27) I am offering a buy one, get one free item at both of my teacher stores. Just buy one item choose any other item from my store for free, as long as it is equal or lower price! All you do is purchase something and then email me at, tell me what you bought and what item of equal of lesser value I can email to you! What a deal, huh? You can either shop at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here or my Teachers' Notebook store here.

Favorite book?

If you had to pick one book or book series, what was your favorite book when your were in elementary school? Mine would probably be the whole Little House on the Prairie series. I can remember going to the library and getting home and reading an entire book in an afternoon. I reread the whole series about 8 years ago and they were still great !

Little House on the Prairie : I still remember how she described the building of their log cabin. It was fascinating to me that a bunch of regular people could build a house together. I also loved the descriptions of Pa's fiddle playing and the songs they sang.

The Long Winter: I thought the idea of being totally absolutely snowed in was excited and a little scary. I definitely would not have done well back in Laura's time!

On the Banks of Plum Creek: As a little girl, how cool was the idea of living in a home built into the side of a hill? Scary was the idea of going in a pond and getting leeches stuck to you, though. Ewww!

Little House in the Big Woods Christmas: An endearing Christmas story that describes the simple pleasures of Christmas in the pioneer days. My class loved this one when I read it in December.

Get your Grammar Pack!

Get Your Grammar Pack today on sale. Its the last daily sale item at my tpt store. Enjoy and I hope everyone is going to have a fun but restful weekend.

Don't forget about all the Freebies

This week sure is flying by fast but don't forget about all of the freebies posted on Monday at Classroom Freebies. For Manic Monday, I linked up my free Superstar Antonym game. That post with the link is HERE.

If you go over to Classroom Freebies itself, the post with all 56 freebies is HERE! There are definitely some you will be able to use! What great teacher-authors!


Mrs. Mc's Milestone Giveaway!

 Mrs. Mc is having a great giveaway over at her blog to celebrate her birthday and some other milestones. There are actually FOUR giveaways because she had so many donations! You can find my second grade geometry pack in giveaway 3! All of the giveaways are amazing! Click here to go to the giveaway or follow the link above the giveaway pic !


If you want to definitely have my geometry pack it is on sale until 10 pm tonight. Over $2 off the regular price! That is at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.


Professional Development that you Feel Good About

So, you know those days when the children all go home and you have work to do, but it turns out to be things that you find totally useless and spend the whole time frustrated? Yes, yes, yes of course you do. With that being said, I'd love to  hear anything you have done recently at your school or in your district that has been great! Things that  are useful to you and that you can really use. Things that you feel really positive about.

Today - Sale on Edna's Editing

So I am making this a daily event this week! Today my Edna's Editing packet will be on sale until about 10 pm. You can get it at Teacher's Notebook here s(actually 3 items are on sale there - Ednas Editing and the 2 LA items that were on sale at TPT the last 2 days ) or you can find it at Teachers Pay Teachers here. I also have lots of freebies! I don't know why the font looks plain in the jpeg here, but it's a lot cuter in the actual packet! 

Another FLASH SALE today until 10 pm

Well, you all seemed to like the flash sale yesterday ! So today, one item, my Writing Prompt Collection (great for grades 1-3) will be on sale until about 10 pm. Head over to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers here to check it out!

FLASH SALE on Root Word Practice

My Root Word Practice page is on sale for the rest of the day only (until 10pm EST or so) at my teachers Pay Teachers store. Check it out here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store ! When I get back on my laptop I will post an image for you.

Superstar Antonyms Game Freebie

Hello everyone! If you have the day off for Martin Luther King, Jr., enjoy it. If not,have a good day with the kiddos!

I have linked up with Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies and Freebie Friday at Teaching Blog Addicts and am sharing with you my Superstar Antonyms game. It was my first ever teacher product and people seem to be downloading it still! It has 12 antonym cards so it is good for small group work. It is the I Have, Who Has style, which my class really enjoys! Sometimes they ask to play it again and try to be faster. I don't know if they even notice they are working - it just seems fun ! Click here to get it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and if you enjoy Teacher's Notebook, click here to get it from that one! (The image below is the cover from my whole class version, but the only difference in the covers is the small group freebie does not have that line of the cover. I am still somewhat new and can't find any jpegs of my small group version for you)

Head over to TBA to see what other Friday Freebies you can snag,
Freebie Fridays

Also, be sure and hop over to Classroom Freebies to see what other people are sharing!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Mrs Leeby's 200 Follower Giveaway

Mrs. Leeby made it to 200 followers over at her blog! To celebrate she is having a giveaway . You can win a Target, Starbucks (my favorite - yummy) or tpt gift card. There is nothing on that list that stinks, right? Plus her blog his terrific. I love her ideas and her spirit. Check it out at Learning With Mrs Leeby.

Freebie, Freebie, Free-bie!

Do your kiddos need some practice with those pesky plural nouns? All those rules to remember! Try this freebie! I made it for my second graders but take a peek and you may be able to use it for first and third graders too. It's over at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store herem or if you prefer Teacher's Notebook, my store is here.
Also check out all of the other awesome freebies at Teaching Blog Addict's giant linky of freebies!
Freebie Fridays

Snow Day!

I love a good snow day! I was plenty busy all day today but I was thinking about books I love about snow and thought I'd mention a few here! You may know some, but hopefully I am sharing at least one new book with you. If you want to learn more about a book, click on it's image to get info from amazon.

Snow! by PD Eastman (also the author of Are you my Mother? which I love)
I love the rhymes, the illustrations and the fun descriptions of all the activities they are doing in the snow.

A Winter's Tale: An Original Pop-up Journey
This is no ordinary pop-up book! Gorgeous and fun!

A Snow Day for Hannah
Adorable! I love dogs and so do my students. Hannah the puppy even has her own blog and is on facebook and tweets!

The Snowy Day
I don't have to say much about this, do I? Beautiful and fun!

Snowflake Bentley
I love to give this one as a gift. It is great for anyone fascinated with snow and a great non-fiction connection!