Oh no! I was visiting my boyfriend and trying to get back to New England. I made my flight to Cleveland but before I even got off my plane it was cancelled. I considered driving back to his place (6+ hours) or driving home (14+ hours probably) but the big storm made me too nervous to drive. So here I am at a hotel. Couldn't get a flight until tomorrow evening! Ack. Could not get a flight back to ny boyfriend and could not get a flight to Boston or NH with United or US Air before then. :( It is better to be safe here but I want to get stuff done at home. Are any of you stuck trying to get home from holiday travels?

If you're looking for any post-holiday teacher shopping, I am having a sale at my teachers pay teachers store and my teacher's notebook store, too. Plus, lots of free stuff!

I don't have my netbook, but I can catch up on my teacher blogs on my phone or ipad and come here to the business center too. Good times ! Hope you all had a happy Christmas!


  1. Oh, no! Hope you are able to get home soon! Fortunately, there is no snow in Boston!

  2. Praying you arrive home safely soon!

    Bren P.
    The Teacher Diaries

  3. I made it home, almost 36 hours late but safely! Thanks ladies!