My Favorite Children's Holiday Books and Gifts

Seeing as though you're perhaps busy doing last minute shopping, or if you're planning to try and hit some post-holiday markdowns, here's a list of 5 of my favorite books that I give for gifts and my favorite 5 holiday books I read to my class! I also have some links for an easy way to find out more at Amazon. I love my Amazon!

Gifts for Kids:
1. Richard Scarry's Busy Town
I loved his books as a kid and they are still a hit (Hello, Lowly Worm!)

2. Ramona the Pest
I read this out loud every single year to my second graders and I give it as a gift often. Ramona box sets are great too! What Ramona book isn't fabulous?

3. Kevin Henkes books
Crystanthemum is always read on the first day of school and I give these books a lot. I also found out he has a book about Bailey the bunny which I bought for a friend's daughter. My dog Bailey, her buddy, is also named Bailey.

4. Little House on the Prairie
As a kid I used to borrow these from the library and read them in one afternoon! Classic and a great read.

5. Goodnight Gorilla
Adorable! They love the pages when it is totally dark and all you see are the eyes.

Holiday Books (in no particular order):
1. Too Many Tamales
This story has wonderful illustrations and tells the tale of cousins who have to search for a missing ring by eating too many tamales! The students love this original holiday story.

2. Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia
We read all the Amelia Bedelia books and she is so hysterical!Plus she's only $4 to buy :) Who can't use a bargain?

3. The Night Before Christmas, illustrated by Mary Engelbriet
A must read ! And beautiful illustrations.

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Of course! Great gift too! I am not a fan of books with artwork from movies so I prefer the orginal cover.

5. Arthur's Christmas
So cute and the kids have fun being little inference detectives with all the clues. "You teached me about the Christmas spirit"

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