My Favorite Book Series

Yesterday I was thinking about my favorite book series. There are so many (and so little time)! Some I loved when I was younger and some I discovered when I started teaching. These books are all fun for read-alouds and independent reading. I love Fox books, Frog and Toad, and Henry and Mudge for small group work during RTI.

Adore her ! Last time I read a Madeline book, a student mentioned the fun rhymes!

Curious George
I read a lot of him as a kid. My brother loved him but I haven't read as many lately but always great! George is so endearing!

Fox series
Fox is so cute! He never wants his sister Louise to come along and they tend to get into a pickle frequently but it always works out.

Frog and Toad
Frog and Toad are wonderful. I vaguely remember them from when I was a kid. When I student taught, the multiage 1-2 teachers used them a lot and I got back into them.

Henry and Mudge
Mudge reminds me so much of my giant dog, Saint Bernard Bailey! Giant dogs are so wonderful.

Magic School Bus
I read many of these when I was babysitting for a little boy about 15 years ago. I learned a lot and they go great with science curriculum. The videos are fun too, and yes, that voice is Theo from the Cosby Show!

Magic Tree House
I was thinking about this series and I've had over 300 second graders and I believe all of them have read more than one of these. Mary Pope Osborne is a genius!

Vet Volunteers
My boyfriend is a vet so of course I checked these out! They are great!

Wayside School
This series is so wacky! You've got a computer being pushed out a window, Miss Mush's mushroom surprise, and a backwards chapter. How can you lose?

Ramona Quimby
As I mentioned a few days ago, LOVE her!

Little House on the Prairie
A classic!

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