Sale and a Writing Freebie!

Hi everyone. Happy Cyber Monday! I wanted to share this writing freebie with you. It's a prompt where students describe what they would do if they were in charge of their house. I use it with my second graders but you could also probably use it with first and third graders. It includes a checklist so students can see what they should be aiming for. Also, check out my sales at my Teachers pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook stores. There are lots of additional freebies from me there and if you click the Manic Monday link, even more freebies there from other teachers !
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Thanks for the writing prompt. I can't wait to hear what my first graders write. I am hoping you might be interested in joining my Winter Exchange Project! I am new to blogging and this is the first "big thing" I'm trying. Please consider joining along. All the info is on my bog: ~Maria

  2. Sure Maria! You're welcome. I will check out your project!