Puzzling Pinterest Pins

Pinterest! I am a newbie to both Pinterest and blogging (well, and www.teacherspayteachers.com ) . I am trying to figure out how to 1) Get a pin on the sidebar of the blog itself so people can pin my blog. 2) Get a pin in each post so someone can pin the post (not the whole blog). I'm pretty sure I have seen a few of you have that. I have looked on pinterest and all around the web. I've tried adding codes and stuff. The best I got was I got a pin button on my posts, but when you click it, an empty box where the picture should be shows up and if you try to pin it, it won't let you proceed. Can anyone provide "easy" instruction for either? Or, do you have a website you used to do it for your own blog? Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. PS: I tried to make paragraphs but the spacing I put in while I was writing the post didn't show up. What's up with that?

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