Sunday, October 19, 2014

Asessing English Language Learners

Hi everyone! Today's post is over at Adventures in Literacy Land and it is titled Teaching English Language Learners: Assessment. It is chock full of ideas on assessing your ELL students. To be honest, I think many of the ideas would be good practice for any student, not just ELLs. Check it out here  or click the button and let me know.

Adventures in Literacy Land

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Picture Books and a FREEBIE!

Hey everyone!

Can you believe Halloween is approaching so fast? I can't but I can tell you I do have my costume AND I pulled out my Halloween books at school and put them out for display. 

Here are 20 of my all time favorite Halloween picture books! You will see some old classics (ones I read when I was little- I still remember thinking Clifford was hysterical as a ghost) and some very new ones. What is your favorite Halloween book?

Below I will share some links to resources AND a Halloween Freebie!

Image Map

Here are some Halloween resources I found that might come in handy for your classroom (both free and paid).

Sequencing Fun for 3 read alouds (including 2 of the above)
Room on the Broom response activities
Main Idea and Details Learning Center with Halloween Theme
10 Timid Ghosts Literacy and Math Packet
Where's My Mummy Counting (free)
Free Happy Haunting Amelia Bedelia Idioms
Halloween Themed Place Value Practice
Spooky Writing  Prompt Collection

And now for the freebie! It is a free sample from My Halloween Themed Place Value Practice! Download it here and please leave feedback.  Happy halloween everyone!

Freebie Fridays

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Subject and Predicate Freebie

Hey all! I am back with a new FREEBIE for you! Do your students need to work on what subjects and predicates are and how they are put together to make complete sentences? This freebie might help you out! The pictures give you a little sneak peek. Clicking on any of them will take you to grab the freebie or click here.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Harvest of Freebies Blog Hop

Hey everyone! I know I have been MIA on my blog for the most part this month (thanks, school :) ) but I am back! Hooked up with some amazing teacher bloggers for the Harvest of Freebies Blog Hop! We have some fun blog posts with ideas and freebies for you! Just read my post, and head down to the next stop pumpkin to go to the next blog in the hop!

I don't know about you but I love to work on writing with fall topics! It seems like autumn is full of ideas. I have a writing prompt collection that includes ideas for the beginning of the year (summer memories, goal setting for the year ) to later in the fall (write a letter to the principal requesting new playground equipment, tell about your favorite animal). I also always include a checklist with the prompts for student accountability. I like to start to build the accountability right from the beginning of the year, even if it means working on modeling and guiding students on how to use a writing checklist. Take a look at the product over at TPT here:

GOOD NEWS for you! Just for this blog hop I made a fun freebie! You can get a sample of one prompt from the collection. I included 4 different kids of writing paper - Handwiritng without Tears style and regular lined paper, with an without borders. 

Check out some of the images and the prompt itself. Click on any to grab it from TPT. 


The next blog in the hop is Big Time Literacy! If you have never been to her blog you are in for a treat. Click on the pumpkin to head over!

If you use Bloglovin' I'd appreciate if you add me to your followed blogs! XO

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Giveaway ends tomorrow at 11:59pm EST

Hey everyone, just a reminder my Mega Birthday Giveaway ends tomorrow at 11:59 pm EST! Make sure to check out all the prize packs here.

Remember, Farfaria has donated 2 3 month subscriptions to their amazing app. Farfaria is an app that has over 800 ebooks for young children and has a whimsical interface that is super easy for kids to use. Where else can you get 800 books for free?! Wow! There are only 5 entries so far so you have a great choice of winning!

3 dozen teacher blogger donated winner's choice! You can snag winner's choices from folks like:

I'm Lovin' Lit -Maybe you want her Interactive Notebook for grades 4-8 for Reading Literature, one of TPT's top Sellers!
I'm Lovin' Lit

Beyond the Worksheet (Lindsay Perro) - Does her Middle School Math Stations catch your eye?

Comprehension Connection - what catches your eye in her store?

Saddle up for 2nd Grade- she has over 1,400 followers on TPT! Do you have some of her items already on your wishlist? 

Second Grade Smarty Pants- Do you want their homework bundle? I'd sure love it! 

Curious Firsties- Check out Emily's TPT Store and Maria's TPT Store! 
Plus almost 30 more teacher bloggers have winner's choices items waiting for you - check it all out at my giveaway ost here and put your name on those rafflecopters! Winners will be announced Monday!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hey all! It is time (belated) for my Mega Birthday Giveaway! I had a b-i-g birthday last week which was slightly traumatic but I wanted to do something positive to help turn it into a bit of a good experience and additionally I am so grateful for all the support that you have shown me these last 2 years since I began blogging AND was absolutely grateful to realize I had reached over 3,000 Facebook Fans. Wow! 3 dozen bloggers have graciously donated winner's choice to this giveaway! Additionally the educational app Farfaria is donating a 2 3-month subscriptions so you can get their amazing app for you and your students. Farfaria is an app that has over 800 ebooks for young children and has a whimsical interface that is super easy for kids to use. Where else can you get 800 books for free?! Wow!

If you want to hear what others say, here  is a review for Farfaria on Tech Crunch and check out here what Common Sense Media has to say.

Finally I am offering one lucky winner 3 items of their choice from my blog! How do you enter? Check out the rafflecopters below! Tell your friends!

Prize Pack #1: First, you can win one winner's choice item from each of the amazing bloggers' stores below! Many of them are second grade teachers like me!  


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Prize Pack #2: Choose an item from the stores of all these amazing teachers and bloggers below.




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Prize Pack #3: Yep, winner's choice from ALL of these shops!

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Prize Pack #4: Two winners will each get a 3 month free subscription to the Farfaria app!

Check out these fun screenshots!

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Prize Pack #5: 3 items of your choice from my shop, Reading and Writing Redhead!

Here are some of my top sellers for you to consider!



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