Thursday, September 11, 2014

Birthday Sale! 50% Off!

In honor of my birthday tomorrow, everything is 50% off at my TPT store! That means you can get items like my Writing Prompt Collection for less than $1. Click on either picture to check it out at my store.

and my Language Arts Interactive Notebook for half off, which is only $6.50!

I am not too excited about my birthday but I hope that having this sale brings a smile to some of your faces!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quick 5 for Friday on Saturday!

I have a lot going on! We just had our first 3 days of school and last night I basically couldn't function because I was so exhausted, but I wanted to link up anyway! It's fun to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching for 5 for Friday!


First up, of course, my back to school jamicure! You know I was rocking a new nail wrap for day 1! I chose city alphabet, the August  Sister Style exclusive. Each month the sisters choose one wrap to offer only for the month and  I love this one! 


If you're interested, here is this month's style - called Check it out! So fun! Shop for it my Jamberry Page here!

Disclaimer - I did not take this picture below and am not claiming I did so - I am watermarking it so this image can't be lifted as easily from my blog for resuse to protect the owner of it.

Back to school!
School started Sep. 2. Here is what my room looked like on August 21 when I first went in (yeah, sure, we have the summer off! Then why do I start setting up my room 2 weeks before school starts, right?!)

And I opened a cabinet to find a problem which I immediately went to work on!

YIKES! Apparently keeping this cabinet neat was a low priority!


Then I looked at this area under the clock. Has been bugging me for years. The coat hooks used to be there, until we convinced admin to let us put coat hooks and backpacks in the hall where they belong. There was only room for about 10-12 hooks across as I recall so there were hooks below hooks and kids coats and backpacks stacked on top of each other... and they wondered why we had a lice problem! 

I had spent some time organizing this area which now had shelves but I have wanted curtains for a few years.

After a failed attempt at curtains from the Christmas Tree Shop (if the curtains are sheer, the package really should say sheer, I found these on Amazon here.   YAY! Much better. Excuse the stuff on the table - some extra containers I hadnt yet put away.

And almost ready!

Decided to be a crayon nerd this year! Keep them organized people!

Here is my little paper supply area and spot for papers to pass out, Friday folders, etc. The board above is inspired by something I saw on Schoolgirl Style last year.

Did some shopping before school started. I have a  big, scary, and kind of depressing birthday next week so  I determined that I deserved a special gift, so I went shopping at the outlets and found this beautiful Coach purse. The little bag is for putting all the junk in that usually falls to the bottom of the purse like pens, makeup, hand sanitizer etc. Worth it! It replaced a lovely plastic bag I used to shove them in. (PS Thank you TPT and Jamberry!)

I also saw some awesome bargains for clothes and got a skirt, shirt, and a beach/pool cover up from Vineyard Vines and this $98 J. Crew dress for about $50 -hello parent currciulum night!

My BTS shopping also included ordering Walking Dead season 4 YAY and a new desk fairy which came in the same package which was really weird. And now I can't find the desk fairy anywhere. Do you think the zombies got her?!!!?!

While at Home Goods I saw this porcelain-type dog. What does that remind you of??? Anyone ? Joey's porcelain dog on Friends! Hahah! I had to take a photo and send it to my friend Jenney who is also a big fan of Joey Tribbiani!

Of course Bailey gets a shout out in 4 for Friday. Here he is enjoying the last day of summer, Labor Day! Like a cat in the sun!

And I am so excited by Jamberry's new fall line of nail wraps. Looko at the awesome Halloween and fall themed wraps!! WOW! Shop for them at my Jamberry Page here.

Also, disclaimer I did not take the photos or make them and do not claim ownership. I think it was my team leader, Charity who did, but I but a watermark on it to protect them from getting lifted from my blog and folks claiming Charity's work as their own. The wraps are SO fun though  and we also have tons of fall themed, Thanksgiving, and Christmas wraps!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Cause and Effect Freebie

Happy Labor Day everyone! Just a quick little post to share  a freebie with you - who doesn't love freebies right? This one has been around for a while but I revamped the font so it was easier to read and the cover was updated. I find cause and effect to be so tricky so my kiddos can always use more practice. Hope this helps your class, too! Click here to grab it from TPT or here for TN or on the image below. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School Teacher Week Linky - WHEN and a FREEBIE!

Well, I am late again  but I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for the super fun Back to School Teacher Week Linky! Today's theme is when. It scared me! Everyone has these cute, organized little plan book jpegs to post - not me! I had my boring old plan book in power point with nothing cute on it ( I like simple, no clip art or distracting borders - plus I print my plans out to leave on my desk so I don't want to use  a lot of colored or black ink). 

Here is what I did last year:

I printed them out and put them in protective sleeves with a ring to keep them together. I decided NOT to put them in my teacher binder because I don't bring that home every night, and didn't want to be forced to bring it home because my plans were in it. I really liked doing it this way. I would keep the next few weeks pages also printed out and on the ring but the older ones would go in my binder for reference in case I needed it.

I have NO idea what my schedule will be like this year except I did find out I have my specials all at 9:00am this year. Yay for consistency! Our district is changing they way we provide services to special education students so there will be a lot of staff members coming in and out of our rooms all day and the same paras will be covering IEPs in several different rooms, so I don't know for example, if we can even have reading all at the same time. We have to find a way though, because we also do RTI and that is when some of our students get their Tier 2 and Tier 3 support. The special education teacher also has some students who get pulled out during the reading block. I always feel bad when the speech staff and other folks come to me and say "OK, I need to schedule Timmy. When can he see me?" and can only give them a few options. It may be worse this year. What kind of changes are you dealing with that may affect your schedule this year?

I also wish we had more Science and Social Studies time. Because we have 1 hr 45 min of LA and 60 min of math every day (or the math can be 300 minutes spread out into different amounts of minutes each day), then 2 recesses (YAY), lunch, specials (another Yahoo!)... it leaves very little time. I heard of a school nearby that hired a science teacher just to teach science - science would be in the specials block, so that way Science would definitely get taught no matter what. Interesting idea! 

And if you are looking at this and wondering what This is my Week is, it is awesome! Go learn more about it here in the free TPT grades K-2 Back to School ebook (I'm on the last page) or here to my TPT store. You can get the download from either! Here is what it looks like. Clicking on it takes you to TPT for it. It is FREE by the way!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School Teacher Week Linky - WHAT I like to teach and a FREEBIE

Hey all! I am back for What Friday - linking up with blog hoppin' for the Back to School Teacher Week Linky. Today is all about WHAT I love to teach and what I love about my job!

Ok, so those of you who know me know I LOVE to read and obviously I love teaching reading. I went back to school in 2012 just to get my reading specialist degree. I unfortunately have not found a job in it yet, but it has really enhanced my classroom teaching. 

I was setting up my room yesterday and unpacking books and said to my mom, "I keep getting slowed down because I want to read all of these books!" Here are some of my all time favorites (just a few of them!).  For my blog post on 16 Super Back to School Books, click here. What are yours?


My school introducted RTI about 5 years ago. Does your school have RTI? At first it was a little challeneging but now I love having my groups and having my friends get their tier 2 and tier 3 support. I do feel like it makes a huge difference to get that targeted instruction! I have a lot of fun working in small groups with my kiddos and I have accumulated a lot of materials over the last few years!

I love teaching Amelia Bedelia! She always cracks me up. Check out my blog post about reading her books to my class here. I love the fun activities we can do. Here is someone showing what she was supposed to do and what she did instead.

And another funny one. Love the labels!

This was a favorite- from when she "Called the roll"!

And I just remembered I have an Amelia Bedelia freebie! It wasn't the freebie I was thinking of (that one is below, keep scrolling!!!!) but click on the image below to grab it. It is just basically a slightly different version of the paper above. Easy but fun and they are learning!

This year I am getting on the Interactive Notebook bandwagon! I really want to work on writing so I put together my own Interactive Notebook. Here are a few examples of the cover, and what you can find inside. Clicking on any image brings you to see it at TPT. I am really excited about trying these out this year. I like the simple design of my pages - I find that with all the fun fonts, cute clip art,  and zig zaggy curlicue borders that my kiddos get distracted. That is why I went simple. Personally I LOVE some of the other notebooks out there but it is just not for my kiddos. I also wanted to include all the skills and building blocks to improving writing so I have everything in there from parts of speech, subjects and predicates, up to working on types of writing (informational, narrative, etc.)

 FREEBIE time.. if you want to try part of it, click on the image below and you will get a little free sample of a few of the pages from the writing section.

I also just put together a spelling interactive notebook. How awesome would it be to have all the kiddos' spelling work in one notebook! I am going to post about it soon but here's the cover and you can hop over to see it at TPT if you want!

Freebie Fridays

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