Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday - 16 Fun Back to School Books!

I am thrilled again to link up with Deanna Jump for Book Talk Tuesday! Be sure to head to her blog to see who else linked up and what we recommend!

Wow, how is it that some of you are almost back to school again? Here in New England we have another month+ left (phew, since the last day I worked in the school building was June 24) but many of you are planning what to do during the first few days back!

I was thinking about some of the books I read to my class during the first few day of schools and thinking what books you may read at home to your own children. Here's my list of 16 Super back to school books for kids!  Click on the images in the collage below  to get more details from Amazon or put them on your library book list. What's your favorite back to school book? Comment and let me know!
Of all of these, the ones I love the most are probably not even 100% Back to School themed- Wemberly Worried and Miss Nelson is Missing, but I find them great read alouds for the first week or so, My true back to school favorites are probably First Day Jitters and good ol' Miss Bindergarten gets Ready for Kindergarten. BUT my second graders last year loved My Weird School and I just saw they have a back to school book so that could be pretty "epic", as my kids would say! lol What about you? What stands out?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Markdown Monday - Christmas in July Sale!

That is right - it is not only Markdown Monday but I am having a Christmas in July sale! Woohoo!

I am linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations to tell you my revamped Editing Practice - Sentences and Paragraphs is marked down 50% ALL week! That is right, until next Sunday July 27! Get it here at my TPT store or click the image below. I added an updated cover, an easier to read font, and I added I can posters in color and black and white! It is only $1.00! 

Also I am doing  a Christmas in July Sale! Woo! Except for the Editing Sentences: Capital Letters and Periods product which is 50% off, everything else is 20% off.  Click on the banner to head to my store to shop!

Stock up for back to school! You might like one of my Back to School Starter Kits! Here are the covers and some collages as to what you might find inside. Click on any image to see them at TPT!

If you buy anything, be sure to leave feedback with your e-mail address in the comment  (or if you download a Freebie) because I have a special freebie I will send you just for leaving feedback (one freebie per customer, but if you buy more than one item, please leave feedback. Your opinion and comments are very valuable to me!)!
Thanks everyone and Happy Christmas in July!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord - I LOVE TEACHERS

That is right, the conference reinforced it but teachers are AMAZING! So kind, friendly, helpful, giving, caring and more! Helping each other out and not competing - that is what I like!

Time to link up with Fabulous in First for another Sunday Smorgasbord!

FIRST Random item..

I will be having a CHRISTMAS IN JULY sale starting tomorrow at my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Yippee! Come back tomorrow or head to my store tomorrow for details, but yay!

Meanwhile, here are a couple things you might be interested in - I am revamping some of my earlier products including my best selling Writing Prompt Collection-check out the images below. I added a new cover and I also have the free Writing Prompt - If I Was in Charge of My House. Click here or on the image to get it free from my TPT store!



FREEBIE! Click on the cover to snag it!

Also you might like the following Back to School Starter Kits - they should make your life easier with fun activities and no-prep assessments for the first week or two of school:

First Grade Back to School Starter Kit

SECOND, here are my random pictures from the last week!

This is a collage to show you how freakin hot it is, but also a little bit of how fancy Vegas is. Our hotel room (MGM Signature) had robes! I have never had a robe in a hotel room before! And there are the beautiful Bellagio fountains to look at as well as the indoor botanical gardens at the Bellagio. And a random ape who is not fancy but was in front of a restaurant in Boulder City which is where we went for lunch on the 108 degree day.
Fancy food! Fun food - found the chocolate (Vosges) at the Forum Shops at Caeser's Palace. Free samples too. Nom nom. The cheese plate included a honeycomb which I had never seen before on a plate anyway. It was sweet. And I found this Caffe Mocha iced drink at Target yesterday. YUM!

And  my animal pics of the past week. Checked out Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef. I had a free voucher. Funny looking catfish, a touch tank for sting rays (whoah), a gnome at the Garden Shop at Bellagio ( I know, not technically an animal)... then at Lake Mead there were these CRAZY and slightly gross fish who crowded around the docks begging for food. Seriously they would come to the surface with their mouths open. Kind of freaked me out! Finally just last night, my Bailey boy was all snuggled up with the...fan! Looks comfy, eh?

And I guess the ape made an accidental second appearance. Oops. This is meant to show I did well on the penny slots! I won overall I think $160 which is above and beyond what I put in. The wins were at NYNY, Harrah's and MGM. I have rarely held a $100 bill (maybe once in my life) and it was crazy to have not one but 2 of them! Thank you Vegas. And finally the Silver Diner was at the Baltimore Airport. YES! YUMMMMYYY!

FINALLY, I am still loving Jamberry Nail Wraps, yes! If you want a free sample, click on the image on the right sidebar of my blog. I am having a Mystery Hostess Party right now over on Facebook. That means at the end of the Facebook Party, the lady with the most points wins the hostess rewards which are things like free nail wraps, product credits, discounts and more! Check it out here: My Facebook Mystery Hostess Party. If you are interested but not my FB friend, friend request me so I can invite you ! Who would not want free Nail Wraps right?!

Hope you all had  a restful weekend!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Five For Friday - Post-Vegas

Yay ! It is 5 for Friday time again! Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Ok. this is mostly about my Vegas trip  and I have ONE post about the 10 things I learned in Vegas but I swear after that I will knock it off about it and get back to the usual topics! Bear with me!

I figured out picmonkey.com makes awesome collages! Easy! I do see I repeated a pic though...oops! Well, we stayed at the MGM Signature Towers on the 19th floor with amazing views (as you can see) and one day my cousin and I went to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Boulder City. It is so different out there! Such little green! By the way, the pool was below our room, 19 stories down. Yikes! I did not want to drop the phone!

Basically, my most fun times were at the TPT conference and hanging with my cousin! Here on the top left is me with Erin Cobb of Lovin' Lit. Erin and I are on a collaborative blog together called Adventures in Literacy Land and we had never met in person. It was great to meet her! On the top right is my cousin Kate and I on the balcony at night. Bottom right, I did very well at the penny slots haha. One night I put in $20 and came out with over $90 at that Walking Dead machine at NYNY and my last day I put in $40 at Bally's at a Sex and the City one and got out  $150, plus a little more winning that night. The downside, it was a billion degrees (see car thermometer pic below). That day it actually got up to 108! WHAT?!

And more fun... posing with a weird dog statue at Aria to make Bailey jealous, accidentally taking a pic of just me instead of Kate and I, interesting lionfish at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef and this window washer guy totally scared me as he suddenly appeared in our 19th floor window. He was just hanging, no scaffolding or anything. Yikes!

The best croissant I ever had was last year at Jean Phillipe Patisserie at Aria (I think there is one at Bellagio too) so Kate and I went on a hunt for it. Also some artwork (I mean pastries) to check out. Who would eat them? They are so gorgeous I would feel like I was ruining them by eating them!

The amazing chocolate croissant is below!
Well, you saw about my trip - here is what Bailey did while on vaca at my mom's house, and I swear these were all taken on different days, lol! HAHA silly goose!

Markdown Monday meant the start of 1 week of my First Grade Back to School Starter Kit being 50% off! Yay! It has a lot in and these are just a few sample pages. Click on any of the images to check it out at my TPT store!

Have a restful weekend everyone!

Sunday Smorgasboard- V-e-g-a-s

Hey all, I am still in Vegas but I couldn't NOT link up with FFabulous in First for Sunday Smorgasbord!

The Sunday Smorgasbord is a whole lotta random! Here is what I have to say today!

FIRST, I went to a super awesome concert last week (see my Five for Friday Post) and saw my favorite band- Drive by Truckers, y'all! - and got a quick look at Hampton Beach. I would love to get back to the beach this summer. Have you been to the beach at all?

I also went to Old Sturbridge Village last week and I am fascinated with cows. Check these guys out! Nom nom nom...

NEXT I went shopping! I hate shopping but Old Navy is ok and I had some coupons so I got all this for only $10.88! Yippee!

I also, after 10 years, finally got a flag and hung the holder. It was fun hanging off the third floor balcony to install it!  Also, bonus, I did not know but there is a light on the side of the building that spotlights it at night!

Got some new Jamberry nail wraps I am excited to try!

And finally how cute is he? My brother's cat taking a sleepy snooze! Have a great day (and sorry this is posted way late- guess I forgot to hit publish before I left! ) !

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