Spring is Here Poetry Hop

Happy spring?! The day I was working on this, April 8, it rained, sleeted, hailed AND snowed on my way home from work. But I do hear its spring! And I am thrilled to be together with some amazing bloggers for a Spring is Here Poetry Blog Hop! April is Poetry Month and we are coming at you with some terrific ideas and freebies for poetry reading and writing!

I love to teach poetry. For many years, after New Year's I would read all the poems I could get my hands on- Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Bruce Lansky, poem collections, classics, nursery rhymes etc. Then we would get to writing! I would have my class writing cinquains, pyramid poems, rhyming couplets, haikus and more! Thens we would invite all the families in and  make the poems they wrote into books. This year I am so happy I decided, because of all the snow days, to move all the poetry to after February break.  I am defnitely keeping it this way next year! It is so nice to wrap it all up during Poetry Month!

I have a fun freebie for you for Poetry Month. I have been busy working on a big poetry product. It's not ready yet, but you can get a free sneak peek with my Pyramid Poetry product! Your students can learn how to write their own fun pyramid poems with it! I just recommend for younger student to brainstorm some adverbs for the poems. My second graders and I did it together and then it was easy peasy for them to write the rest of the poems independently. Click on any image below or here to pick up the freebie from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

A few sneak peek pages! There is also one more page included in the freebie not shown here.

Now, hop on over to the amazing Jen Jones' blog, Hello Literacy and check out her freebie. She has a great poetry product that will help your students improve their reading fluency.

Thanks to these terrific creators for providing the fonts and graphics for our blog hop!

Join Us for the Educents Storefront Marketplace Launch and a Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Are you excited? I am! Educents, the super successful site for teachers and home schooling families in seek of deals has launched a marketplace where you can find storefronts for your favorite selllers, including me! That's right, hop on over to my Educents store and see what you can get there!  We are also having a bunch of awesome giveaways and I am part of the Second Grade Stores giveaway where you can win $50 in Edubucks! Why not, right? 

I wanted to  tell you about a freebie you can get from my store: a 100 Random Acts of Kindness freebie! It is perfect for either the 100th day of school, the beginning of the year, or to work in with your character education program. It helps your students track their ideas for ways to show kindness to others and is totally free at Educents. Pick it up here or grab it by clicking the image below.

Also I am working on some fun fractions products. So far, available at my store are Fractions on Number Lines, Matching Fractions, and an I Have Who Has style fractions game! Check out the cover images below and sneak peeks. Clicking on any will bring you to see them at my Educents Store. Want to win one? Just comment below with the name of which one you'd like and one lucky winner will get a free copy on April 12 (The same day the Educents giveaway ends, too fyi!)



Educents Marketplace $50 in Edubucks Giveaway #7 - Second Grade Stores

3 for $3 for 3 days Sale!

Its officially spring but STILL SNOWING! I need something to cheer me up! How about a spring sale? I love the number 3 so I thought I would do a 3 for $3 for 3 sale. That means 3 items will be on sale for $3 for 3 days, starting today!

This girl could be you - with the extra cash you have after snagging my 3 bargain priced  products!

Here's what is on sale ( 2 of them are more than half off by the way!)

My very popular Geometry Pack is on sale! Its usually $7 but save over 50% during these 3 days! The product includes 42 pages of games, practice and activities to help your kiddos master geometry and is great for teachers and homeschooler!

My Get it in the Ballpark: Ballpark Estimate Practice product is more than half off. It's usually $7.00 but only $3 through March 24, 2015. This is coming in very handy for me right now as they just introduced ballpark estimates in Everyday Math and my second graders are quite befuddled! It includes 62 pages of activities to help!

Also, grab my Story Problem Pack for spring on sale! Usually $5.50 it is almost half off at $3 until March 24! Grab dozens of pages of addition and subtraction practice (both single and double digits!) for your students. Its a fun way to get some basic practice in! 

Let me know if you grab anything and what you ended up doing with them! Thanks and happy spring. Spring... are you here? Don't be shy! Sun, start shining! Temperature, let's get you over 35!

Dr. Seuss Resources and a Freebie

Hi everyone! I do NOT know where February went - do you?

It is Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America time!

I have a little Dr. Seuss Freebie for you and a link to a blog post of mine from last year. The blog post had a super cute collage which seems to not be working, but there are some links to some great books on the post and at the bottom a list of fun Dr. Seuss resources from other teacher bloggers! That post is here!

Here is your Dr. Seuss FREEBIE! It provides your students with 2 practice activities breaking down words into syllables! Click here or on the image to grab it!

TPT Sale - 20% off plus an extra 10% off sitewide

Oh wow - TPT is having a Teachers are Heroes Sale! My store is 20% off and the site will give you an extra discount at check out! WOW! This sale is ONLY for Wed., Feb. 25th so hurry over!

What a great time to get those wishlist items! I know I will be shopping!

Did you know I added 5 fractions products to my store and a money saving bundle of them all in the last month or so? You can grab any of them, my interactive notebook products and more here in my TPT shop. I will post more details on the Fractions products soon but for now, click on the images to get the nitty gritty over at TPT and happy shopping!

Collage with some sneak peeks of the product!

A peek at some of the Fraction Bingo pages!

Collage sneak peek!

Collage showing some of what is included!

Sneak peek collage!

What is on YOUR wish list? Comment and let me know!

DOLLAR DEALS! Ends at 6pm ET, Feb. 9!

I have 2  DOLLAR deals going on at my store right now!  That's right - you can get two products for just $1 each.

The first is my Winter Number Story Pack. It will get your children practicing single and double digit addition and subtraction in some fun, winter-themed ways! It includes roll-a-number addition and subtraction story games, addition and subtraction cut and glue activities, homework practice, and practice with part-part-total and quantity-quantity-different diagrams which you might be familiar with through Everyday Math! It is usually $5.50 but just until 6pm, Feb. 9, it is $1! Click here or on the image to get it!

The other is to help you get ready for spring - it's my Spring Writing Prompt Collection! It is usually $3.50, but is only $1 - just today!  It includes 9 different writing prompts with checklists for student accountability and various types of writing paper. One of the prompts is a persuasive letter students have to write to convince their teacher to take them on the field trip of the dreams, another is a factual piece on their favorite flower, and one more example of a prompt in this pack is a literary response to the book Frog and Toad are Friends. Click here or on the image below to grab it.

Thanks and if you are in New England, GOOD LUCK with the snow! I swear I am moving to Florida!

100 Ideas for the 100th Day of School! Plus a New Freebie!

Ready for 100 ideas for the 100th day of school? I also have a new freebie for you. If you scroll all the way down it will be there, I promise!

1. Dress Up Like 100 Year Olds! 

Here I am trying to look 100... Not totally successful but I did look older than usual!

These kids looked adorable as 100 year olds - and some even played a version of "shuffleboard" later with their canes and an empty crayon box!

2-11  Grab some great read alouds 
like 100 School Days, Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day, 100 Days of Cool, and 100th Day Worries. Click on any to get a link to Amazon and learn more. 



12-16 Read some Math, History and other Non-Fiction Books with a 100 theme


17. 100th Day of School Homework: Students bring in 100 small items that fit in a quart size ziploc bag.
After they share you can pin them to a bulletin board for a super fun display.

18. 100th Day of School Homework Project : Superhero Capes
Check out the wonderful ideas here at Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business. The idea and pic are hers. Click on this link or her picture to learn more.

19. One Hundreds Day Necklace Craft
From Sweet Tea Teaching - click here

100th Day Hats
21. From Jessica Hamilton
22. From Kindergarten Kids at Play (free)
23. From Little Kids Clubhouse
24. From Kelly and Kim's Kreations (free)
25. From the Teaching Zoo
26. From My Kindergarten Obsession (free)
27. From Mrs. Payton (free)
28. From Jamie Mayas
29. From Katie Farr
30.  From Crystal McInnis
31. From Once Upon a Creative Classroom
32. From Andrea Mason
33. From A Spoonful of Learning
34. From Creatively Crazy in First Grade

Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

35. From My Classroom Ideas

37.  From Doodlebugs Teachin

37. From Pinterest, uploaded by Krysten White 

Decorate your Classroom
40. From Julie Shope
41. From Tales from a Teach (free)
42. From From Kindergarten Smorgasboard (fiesta theme!)
43. From From CTP (hard good)
44. From Love to Teach Primary      

45. 100th day pizza  from Chickadee Jubilee 

46. 100 Kind Acts from Chickadee Jubilee    

47. Counting by 10s Ice Cream Cone Craft found at Mrs. Lee's  Kinder Kid

48 . Self Portraits - Now vs. Age 100 from Inspiration Clothesline 

49. Button Gumball Craft from Mrs. Zimmerman

50. 100 Star (cut out by students) Bulletin Board from Doodlebugs Teaching

51. Another gumball craft - this one an at home project from In My Blessed Nest 

52. 100th Day Craft and Writing- Look What I Can Do Now from Krazy in Kindyland
53. Hat and Mask Craft from Krazy in Kindyland (free)
54. Polar Bear Party Craft Project from Robin Sellers
55.100 Squares Art with Warm and Cool Colors from Mindy Sedik
55. 100th Day Glass Craftivity from the Candy Class
56. Writing Craftivity - Hundred Dollar Bill from Teach Me ToriSelva
57. Mini Book Craftivity from Curriculum Castle
58. 2 Crafts from Jessica Williamson
59. Penguin Party Craft Park from Robin Sellers
61. Pizza Craftivity from Ms. Lee's Little Learners (free)

100th Day Games
62. Estimate: Are there 100 items in each container ? (from Doodlebugs Teaching)

63. Trading Dimes Game from Doodlebugs Teaching

64. I Have Who Has 100 Game from Elementary Matters
65. 100th Day Fun with Pennies from Christie Uribe (free)
66. Racing Back from 100 Game from Amy Padgett (free) 
67. 100 Angry Ants Counting Game from  Kris Maerhen (free)
68. 100th Day Pizza Math Dice Game from Edward Ohlson (free)
69. Shoot for 100 Game from Wizard of Boz (free)
70. Race to 100 from Erin Morrison (free)
71. 100s Chart Frog Hop Game from Teach, Live, Laugh (free)
72. Numbers 1-100 Pirate Squeeze Game from Sailing through First Grade (free)
73. 100th Day Dice Game from Texas Kindergarten Teacher (free)
74. Number Order Winter Games from Terri B (free)
75. 100th Day Roll and Tally from Kidsrcute (free)

100th Day Necklaces

76. From Lisa Kulman (number tag necklaces)
77. From Mrs. Payton (free)
78. From Tammy Williams
79. 100th Day Crowns and Headbands

81. From Julie Lee (free)
83. From Amy Darley
84. From Tammy Frisch (free)
85. From Love to Teach A-Latte (free)

100th Day Certificates and Awards 
86. From Pink Cat Studio
87. From Crytal McInnis

Other Ideas
89. Art Project with 100 thumbprints
90. Class list or individual writing:  I wish I had 100... and I would not want 100...
91. Writing prompt: What will I be like when I am 100 years old 
92. Class brainstorm: 100 Random Acts of Kindess
93. Class List or individual writing: 100 things I have learned
94. 100th Day Measurement Investigation from Sarah Paul (free)
95. School Scavenger Hunt - find 100 things
96. How many ways can you make $1.00 with coins
97. Class List (or individual): We have read these 100 books
98. Create something with 100 Legos (free printable from Rae Wallace here)
99. Draw a picture with 100 different things in it
100. Class Project: learn about 100 different people from history

NOW THE FREEBIE you have been waiting for!

This is my BRAND NEW and FREE 100s Day activity that addresses character education and social skills. Students brainstorm and record 100 random acts of kindness. Could be an individual or buddy activity. Then students have a resource with tons of ways they can show kindness to others. Click here or on the image to grab it and happy 100th Day!

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